The China Democratic League (CDL)
One of the democratic parties on the patriotic united front led by the CPC, the CDL is mainly made up of senior and middle-level intellectuals engaged in culture and education. It was founded in Chongqing on October 10, 1941.

In October 1947 the Kuomintang government declared the CDL an illegal organization. The CDL was forced to move to Hong Kong in January 1948, when it declared openly that it would work with the CPC to overthrow the reactionary Kuomintang government and create a democratic, peaceful, independent and unified New China. In May the same year it published an open telegram responding favorably to the CPC call for convening a CPPCC.

In September 1949 the CDL attended the First Plenary Session of the CPPCC in Beijing. It took part in drawing up the Common Program and preparing for the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

Since New China was founded, the CDL has been sharing weal and woe with the CPC and making important contribution to the state political life, economic construction, culture and education.

Source: China Yearbook 2004