The China Zhi Gong Party (CZGP)
Founded in October 1925 in San Francisco, USA, the CZGP is composed of returned overseas Chinese, relatives of overseas Chinese, and noted figures and scholars who have overseas ties. It once helped Dr. Sun Yat-sen overthrow the rule of the Qing Dynasty. It gave considerable support to China's revolution and national liberation movement.

After New China was founded, at the invitation of the CPC, representatives of the CZGP attended the First Plenary Session of the CPPCC in 1949. They participated in drawing up the CPPCC Common Program and electing the Central People's Government. Since then, the CZGP has made an important contribution to implementing overseas Chinese policies and strengthening ties with Hong Kong and Macao compatriots as well as overseas Chinese for the reunification of the motherland.

Source: China Yearbook 2004