The First Group Of Tourist Areas Listed As Grade 2A Thursday, August 18, 2005

  Beijing(Total: 22)

   Dajue Temple of West Hill, Fenghuangling(Phoenix Hill)Natural Scenic Area of Haidian District, Qinglong Lake Water Amusement Park in Fangshan, the Tourist Center of Guyaju Scenic Spot, New Concept Base of Tour to the Surviving Island in Huairou, the Memorial Hall of Xu Beihong, Taoyuan Fairy Ravine Scenic Area in Miyun, the Xianqi Cave Scenic Area of Fangshan, Yinhu Cave Scenic Area of fangshan District, Jiufeng Peak Forest Park, Yougushentan Natural Scenic Area at Huairou, the Kangxi Grassland of Yanqing, Baiwang Forest Park of Haidian District, Mt. Songshan Forest Park Tourist Area, Shangfangshan National Forest Park, the Former Residence of Song Qingling, Yunxiu Ravine Hunting and Natural Scenic Area in Miyun, Beijing Countryside Golf Club, Prince Gong Manor, the Natural Scenic Area of the Great Wall Ruins at Badaling, Chunhui Hot Spring Holiday Resort, Yunmengshan Forest Park

  Tianjin(Total: 10)

   National Forest Park of Jiulongshan, Baxianshan State-Level Nature Reserve, Yangcun Mini-World Amusement Park, Tianjin Yangliuqing Museum(the Courtyard of Shi Family), the Memorial Hall Of Huo Yuanjia, Chaoyin Temple, Tianjin Chinese Cultural Garden of Medical Experts, Baocheng Grotesque Stone Garden, China Stone Garden

  Heilongjiang(Total: 21)

   Harbin Jinhe Tourist Park, the Former Residence of Xiao Hong, Fangzhengdemoli Tourist and Holiday Resort, Huining Park of Acheng, Yuquan Weihushan Mountain Forest Park of Acheng, Changshou National Forest Park, Longfengshan Mountain Scenic Area of Wuchang, Qingfeng Mountain Villa--the Holiday Resort of Harbin Forest Mini-Train, the Modern Metropolis Demonstration Garden of Northern Agriculture, Xiangmoshan Scenic Area of Mulan County, the Hunting Ground of Lianhuanhu Lake, the Children Park of Daqing, Longfeng Park of Daqing, Jingyuan Park of Daqing, the Holiday Resort of Shoushan Folk Customs at Duerbote Mongolian Autonomous County of Daqing City, The Grassland Race Course of Duerbote Mongolian Automonous County of Daqing city, Dongning Fortress, Qilin Mountain Scenic Area of Jixi City, Hada River Scenic Area of Jidong County, Baleng River Scenic Area of Jidong County, Xingkaihu Lake Tourist and Holiday Resort of Dangbi Tounship

  Jilin(Total: 37)

   Changchun Film City, Changchun World Scenery Garden, Longtan Mountain Deer Farm of Jilin, Museum of Confucian Temple in Jilin City, Study Room in Commemoration of Kim Il Sung in Jilin City, Longtanshan Mountain Park in Jilin City, Nanhu Waterfall of Jiaohe City, Yellow River Reservoir of Panshi City, Shiguanma Karst Cave of Panshi City, Mopan Mountain Scenic Area of Fengman District in Jilin, Longwan State-Level Forest Park of Huinan, Yuhuang Mountain Park of Tonghua City, the Forest Park of Shulan City, Wunufeng State-Level Forest Park of Ji'an city, Beishan Mountain Park of Linjiang, Yunfeng Lake Tourist and Holiday Resort of Ji'an City, Huashan Mountain National Forest Park of Linjiang, Qingshan Lake Province-Level Scenic Area, the Labyrinth Karst Cave of Changbaishan Mountain, Stone Forest Scenic Area of Changbai, Tashan Mountain Park of Changbai, Longshan Lake Province-Level Scenic Area, Yalu River Drifting Tourist and Scenic Area, Wujianfang Water Island Amusement Park of Da'an City, Shanmen Reservoir Scenic Area of Siping City, Haernao Tourist and Scenic Area of Zhenlai County, Xinglongshan Yellow Elm Scenic Area of Tongyu County, Liuxiangshan Mountain Scenic Area of Dunhua, Xianjingtai Scenic Area of Helong, Fangchuan Scenic Area of Huichun, Nengjiang River Tourist and Holiday Resort of Da'an City, Erlong Lake Scenic Area of Siping City, Memorial Hall of Siping Campaign in Siping City, Erlang Mountain Villa of Shanmen Town, Tiedong District of Siping City, Folk Customs Hall of Manchu Ethnic Group in Yitong County, Mantianxing Scenic Area of Wangqing, Twenty-Family Tourist and Holiday Resort of Gongzhuling City

  Jiangsu(Total: 13)

   General Mountain Tourist and Scenic Area of Nanjing, Former Residence of Liu Yazi in Suzhou, Shengze Xiancan Temple of Suzhou, Dongpo Park of Changzhou, Jingzhou Park of Changzhou, Haohe River Scenic Area of Nantong City, Gaogong Island Tourist and Scenic Area of Lianyungang City, Hancheng City--the Outdoor Scenery Base of CCTV in Xuzhou, Jiangxin Islet Folk Customs Village of Nanjing, Chunxi Ancient Street of Gaochun City, Yuwan(Fishery Bay)Natural Scenic Area of Lianyungang City, Dafeng Deer Nature Reserve of State-Level in Yancheng, Heshan Park of Suzhou

  Anhui(Total: 32)

   Anhui Celebrity House of Hefei, Li Hongzhang's Former Residence in Hefei, Laoshan Island Scenic Area of Chaohu, Bawang Temple Scenic Area of Chaohu, Taihu Mountain National Forest Park of Chaohu, Huayang Cave Scenic Area of Chaohu, Boshan Cave Scenic Area of Chaohu, Yefushan Mountain National Forest Park of Chaohu, Lujiang Curious Stones Hall of Chaohu, Loushi Park of Chaohu, Tangchi Hot Spring Holiday Resort of Chaohu, Dong'an Forest Park of Chaohu, Bagongshan Mountain Forest Park of Liu'an, Wanfoshan Mountain Forest Park of Liu'an, Putang Scenic Area of Ma'anshan, Zheshan Park of Wuhu, Guangji Temple of Wuhu, Tingtang Park of Wuhu, Dalongshan Mountain Scenic Area of Anqing, Fushan Mountain Scenic Area of Anqing, Huating Lake Scenic Area of Anqing, Sikongshan Mountain Scenic Area of Anqing, Chizhou City Mountain Scenic Area, Wanluoshan Mountain Scenic Area of Chizhou, Dalishan Mountain Scenic Area of Chizhou, Dongliu Ancient Cultural Area of Chizhou, Shitai Penglai Fairy Cave of Chizhou, Ming Dynasty's Ancient Tower of Zhongdu in Fengyang of Chuzhou, Yingzhou West Lake Scenic Area of Fuyang, Tianjinghu Lake Park of Tongling, Ancient Mining Site of Jinniu Cave in Tongling, Zipengshan Mountain National Forest Park of Hefei

  Shandong(Total: 26)

   Li Zongren Historical Material Hall in Zaozhuang, Fulaishan Mountain Scenic Area of Juxian County, Lunan Seaside National Forest Park of Rizhao, Tianhou Palace of Qingdao, Qingdao Botanical Garden, Cui Zifan Art Gallery of Laixi, Gaofenghan Memorial Hall of Jiaozhou, Memorial Hall of Laiwu Campaign, Fanggan Ecological Tourist Area of Laiwu, the Great Wall Tourist Area at Changqing of Qi Dynasty, Wolongyu Ecological Tourist Area of Changqing, Sunzi's Former Garden at Huimin, the Science and Technology Exhibition Center of Shengli Oil Field in Dongying, the Swan Lake Park of Dongying, Historial Museum of Qi State in Linzi, Ancient Chariots and Horses Hall of Linzi, Kaiyuan Karst Cave at Boshan, Yunmenshan Mountain Scenic Area of Qingzhou, Jinbao Amusement Park of Weifang, Yunfengshan Scenic Area of Laizhou, Luoshan National Forest Park of Zhaoyuan, Xianjingyuan Scenic Area of Changdao, Kongtong Island Scenic Area of Yantai, Kunlun Mountain National Forest Park of Yantai, Rongcheng Spotted colored Stones Scenic Area, Wangfu Reef Scenic Area of Changdao

  Guizhou(Total: 2)

   Duyun Xishan Park of Qiannan Prefecture, East Park of Qiannan Prefecture

  Yunnan(Total: 44)

   Taiyangli Park of Chuxiong, Tulin Scenic Area of Yuanmou, Fangshan Mountain Scenic Area of Yongren, Xiangbi Hot Spring Holiday Resort of Huaning, Longquan Forest Park of Yimen, Erhai Park of Dali, Tianjingge Scenic Area of Dali, Manxianlin Scenic Area of Jianchuan, Xinhua Ethnic Village of Heqing County, East Mountain Forest Park of Midu County, Shimenguan Scenic Area of Yangbi, Yushui Village Scenic Area of Lijiang, Wenbishan Mountain Scenic Area of Lijiang, Museum of Diqing Prefecture, the Tourist Exhibition and Peforming Center of Ethnic Costumes in Diqing Prefecture, Napahai Scenic Area of Zhongdian, Tiansheng Bridge Hot Spring Scenic Area of Zhongdian, Cangjingge Scenic Spot of Zhongdian, Yuxianhu Lake Scenic Area of Yanshan Mountain, the Source of Zhujiang River Scenic Area of Zhanyi, Tuoniangjiang River Scenic Area of Funing, Bailong Cave Scenic Area of Mile, Huanwen Park of Shiping, Meizihu Lake Park of Simao, Garden of the Tropic of Cancer's Mark in Mojiang, Manting Park of Jinghong, the Ethnic Folk Customs Garden of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Monkey Hill Scenic Area of Xishuangbanna, Mengbanaxi large Garden of Luxi City, Dehong Ethnic Folkways Touring Area, Dushuchenglin (Forest Formed By A Single Tree) Scenic Area of Ruili, the Tourist Taobaochang of Ruili, the Moli Tropical Rain Forest Scenic Area of Ruili, Taibao Park of Baoshan, the Park of Beimiaohu Lake of Baoshan, Banglazhang Holiday Resort of Longling, Dieshui River Scenic Area of Tengchong, Yunfengshan Mountain Scenic Area of Tengchong, the Tea Culture Scenic Garden of Lincang, Wulaoshan Mountain National Forest Park of Lincang, the Manwan 50-km-long Lake Scenic Area of Yunxian County, Cangyuan Cliff-Painting Scenic Area, the Huanglianhe River Scenic Area of Daguan, the Western Great Canyon Hot Spring Tourist Area of Shuifu County

  Chongqing(Total: 4)

   Geleshan Forest Park, Bijin Park at Yubei District, Lingwu Cave of Wuxi County, Bizika Green Palace of Shizhu County


   Tianbao Fitness and Amusement Center of Hami, Shawan Hot Spring Tourist Area of Tacheng City

  (Total number: 213)

Editor: Letian Pan