The First Group Of Tourist Areas Listed As Grade A Thursday, August 18, 2005

  Beijing(Total number: 4)

   China's Bee Museum, the Museum at the Site of Yandu of Western Zhou Dynasty, the Memorial Hall of the Site of Tunnel Warfare in Jiaozhuanghu, Jiangjuntuo(General Mound)Scenic Area

  Tianjin(Total number: 1)

   Longquanshan Mountain Amusement Park

  Heilongjiang(Total number: 2)

   Lotus Flower Lake Park of Fangzheng, the Crescent Moon Lake Scenic Area of Wuchang

  Jilin(Total number: 3)

   Xingguang Korean Ethnic Village in Yongji County, Jinchan Island of Jiaohe City, Qianye Lake Scenic Area of Tonghua City

  Jiangsu(Total number: 3)

   Gaojing Garden of Changzhou, the Park in Eulogy of China's Landscape, the Children Amusement Center of Changzhou City

  Anhui(Total number: 12)

   The Park of Yangtze River Bridge in Tongling,  the Tongling Breeding Farm of Dolphins, the Donghu Leisure and Amusement Center of Tongling, Luosishan Youngsters' Park of Tongling, Baiya Village Scenic Area of Anqing, Liandong National Forest Park of Anqing, Yunfeng Ravine of Anqing, Tianxianhe River Scenic Area of Anqing, Miaodaoshan Mountain National Forest Park of Anqing, Xiaogushan Mountain Scenic Area of Anqing, Xiangshan Mountain Park of Huaibei, Taohua( Peach Blossom) Island Holiday Resort of Chaohu

  Shandong(Total number: 4)

   Wanpingkou Seaside Tourist Area of Rizhao, Xianhe River Park of Pinghu, Aishan Mountain Scenic Area of Jiaozhou, Qianfoge(Thousand-Buddha Pavilion) of Laizhou

  Yunnan(Total number: 9)

   Huafoshan Mountain Scenic Area of Mouding, Xihua Park of Wenshan, Xiaoheijiang Forest Park of Simao, Bajiaoting (Octagonal Pavilion) Scenic Spot of Jingzhen in Menghai, Daluo Dushuchenglin (Forest Formed by a Single Tree) Scenic Spot in Menghai, Yahu Lake Scenic Area of Kaibang in Yingjiang, Xuanfu Scenic Area of Nandian in Lianghe, Ximen Park of Lincang, Fengshan Park of Fengqing

  Chongqing(Total number: 3)

   Coral Park of Yuzhong District, Sanduoqiao Egret Garden of Jiulongpo District, Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Garden ) of Youyang County

  Xinjiang(Total number: 1)

   Fishing Park of Tacheng City

  (Total number: 42)

Editor: Letian Pan