Who can apply for a green card in China?
GOV.cn Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Aliens who want to apply for permanent resident in china should obey the Chinese law, be healthy and have no criminal records. At same time, they should accord with one of the conditions below:

First, the applicants have invested in China directly, have steady investment condition and good revenue record for more than 3 years.

Second, the applicants take the job continually as or above the assistant general manager or factory director, have the high title of or above the associate professor or assistant researcher, or have enjoy the equal treatment in China for more than 4 years, during which the applicants have been living in China adding up to no less than 3 years and have good revenue records.

Third, the applicants have great and outstanding contributions to China or meet the special requirements of Chinese government.

Four, the spouse and unmarried children younger than 18 , of the applicants referred in the first ? second and third item of this article above, can apply.

Five, the spouse of Chinese citizens or the aliens who have got the qualification of permanent resident in China, has lasted the marriage for more than 5 years, lived in china for more than 9 months every year and have steady living guarantee and residence.

Six, the unmarried children younger than 18, go and seek refuge with parents.

Seven, the applicants who have no direct relatives abroad, go and seek refuge with the domestic direct relatives, over sixty years old, living in China for no less than 9 months every year and having steady living guarantee and residence.

Editor: Chen Feng
Source: www.ebeijing.gov.cn