The Organizational Setup of the SPP
The SPP consists of 15 functional departments as well a political work department, a retiree bureau and five subordinate institutions.

The functional departments include the general affairs office, investigation supervision department, prosecution department, anti-embezzlement and bribery administration, negligence of duty and rights infringement prosecution department, prison and detention department, civil and administration department, reporting and charges prosecution department (also known as the Reporting and Charges Center of the SPP), criminal appeals department, railway transportation prosecution department, department for the prevention of crimes committed by taking advantage of one's positions, law and policy research office, supervision bureau, foreign affairs bureau, planning, finance and equipment bureau.

The political work department itself consists of officers of publicity, education and training as well as the general affairs office.

Subordinate institutions refer to the organ service center, the Procuratorate Daily, China Procuratorate Publishing House, procuratorate technology information research center, procuratorate theory research institute and the state procurators college.