Communication Administration

(1) To implement the development strategies, policies and regulations relating to the national highway and waterway transportation system; formulate the development strategies and sector policies relating to the provincial highway and waterway transportation; draft local rules and regulations relating to transportation administration, and supervise their implementation.

(2) To organize efforts to map out the development plan for the provincial highway and waterway transportation sector, set forth the long- and medium-term plans and annual plans for investment in fixed assets and scientific/technological education in connection with transportation, and supervise their implementation; be responsible for statistics and information work in the transportation sector.

(3) To be responsible for highway and waterway transportation, vehicle lease, loading/unloading, motor vehicle test and maintenance, formulation of transportation technical standards, administration of car driver schools and driver training, optimize transportation structure for coordinated development, regulate the transportation of national key equipment/material and emergency cargo/passenger transportation; administer the transportation market in conjunction with other relevant departments.

(4) To be responsible for the construction and maintenance of provincial highway and waterway transportation infrastructure and associated projects as well as administration of highway service and navigational service, exercise management of transport infrastructure construction market in conjunction with other relevant departments.

(5) To be responsible for management and monitoring of waterway transportation safety across the territory of Qinghai province, technical inspection of ships and ship appliances, as well as management of harbors, navigational routes and layout of navigational facilities along the coastline.

(6) To be responsible for the management of the state-owned assets of the subordinate organizations, leadership over the restructuring of the transportation sector, maintain fair competition order in the highway and waterway transportation sector.

(7) To be responsible for levy of transportation tax and exercise supervision and internal audit.

(8) To organize and give directions for the scientific and technological development in the transportation sector and push forward technological progress; give directions for vocational education and adult education, construction of spiritual civilization and staff capacity building in the sector.

(9) To direct and manage foreign capital utilization, international brains import, promote international economic and technical cooperation in the transportation field.

(10) To oversee security protection at terminals and harbors.

(11) To undertake other work given by the provincial government.