Department of Labor and Social Security

Qinghai Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security

QPDLSS is the function department of comprehensive management for provincial labor and social security work. Its major responsibilities are:

(1) According to relevant national labor and social security policy, to define local policy and implementation methods; to investigate and define labor and social security system reform plans; to issue provincial labor and social security report on planning and implementation of annual work.

(2) To research into and draft by entrustment relevant labor and social security administration and local regulations, policies and organize implementation after approval; To execute national labor and social security supervision rights and guide and monitor overall province's labor and social security institutions' work.

(3) To unify and manage overall province labor resources development and employment work; to give guidance to province's employment service institutions; to define employment consultant institutions management regulations and execute monitoring; to manage implementation policy and practice of rural labor migration across regions; to manage oversea employment and foreigners' employment issues; to be responsible for qualification management of foreign human resources companies in Qinghai which involve in consulting, agencies and training business.

(4) According to national industry standard of job classification and profession standards, to organize to design detailed implementation methods, manage province's skill college, employment training centers and job training institutions set up by social members; to be responsible for skill training of current employees and re-employment training work for lay-off and unemployed workers; to organize and implement labor candidate system.

(5) To define basic rules for labor relationship adjustment; to define and execute labor contract, community contract, labor dispute arbitration regulations; to regulate enterprise workers' working time, holidays, welfare system and women/young workers' special labor protection policy; to be responsible for arrangement and transference according to various policies; to involve in selection of national and provincial model workers.

(6) To be responsible for enterprise workers' wage macro adjustment; to research on and define enterprise workers' wage guide lines, index to profit, minimum wage standard, industry wage adjustment policy and income policy of State Owned Enterprises; to be responsible for checking provincial and ministry enterprises' total wage; to be responsible for provincial State Owned Enterprises' executive major management annual income policy.

(7) To define basic social security policy in terms of enterprise pension, unemployment, medical insurance, disability and maternity, etc. and execute implementation and supervision.

(8) To define policy for province's social security fund contribution, payment, management and operation and organize implementation; to supervise social security fund management; to define management rules for social security institutions; together with other relevant department, to define and implement management regulations of social security provincial adjustment fund; to organize to implement construction plans for social security service system.

(9) To define policy for complementary pension, complementary medical insurance of government institutions, agencies and enterprises, to define qualification criteria standard for complementary insurance institutions; to check to prove qualification for relevant institutions to conduct insurance business.

(10) To be responsible for provincial labor and social security statistics and information network, issue regularly labor and social security statistics, information development projection report.

(11) To organize province labor and social security scientific research and its application, promote industry development; to be responsible for standardization of province's labor and social security issues.

(12) To manage technical co-operation of labor and social security work.

(13) To execute issues entrusted by provincial government.