Development Reform Commission

1.To study and put forward strategies of national economic and social development; to formulate medium and long-term development plans and annual plans of the Province; to put forward the rates the Provincial economic development, targets and policies concerning the development of the economy and the optimization of major economic structures, and carry out policies; to submit the plan for national economic and social development to the Provincial People's Congress on behalf of the Provincial Government.

2.To study and analyze the economic situation and its development and provide macroeconomic forecast and early warning, and put forward policy recommendations, and issue the information to social; to put forward plans of utilizing foreign funds, and study the trends of utilizing foreign funds.

3. To study major issues concerning the restructuring of economic systems, formulate and carry out plans for the comprehensive restructuring of economic systems, and participate in the drafting and implementation of relevant laws and administrative regulations.

4. To recommend the Provincial total size of fixed assets investment and plan the layout of key projects and productivity; to arrange fiscal expenditure for economic construction, guide and supervise the utilization of foreign loans in construction projects and policy-oriented loans; to arrange construction projects funded by central government appropriation, key construction projects; to organize and manage the work of special inspectors for key projects.

5. To study and put forward the plans and implementation of the Western Region Development Program in Qinghai Province; to study and analyze the development of regional economy and urbanization, bring forward strategies for the development of small towns in rural area; to study and put forward the plans for development of rural economic and basic facilities in Qinghai; be in charge of the daily work of the Leading Office of the Western Region Development Program.

6.To put forward development strategies and plans for important sectors in the national economy; to guide industrial development and promote industrialization and information; to formulate sector-specific plans in industry, and guide the modernizations of industry in macro.

7.To put forward plans for the development of regional economy, exploration of resources and construction of environment; to study and put forward the plans for the construction of poor areas.

8.To study and analyze domestic markets and maintain the aggregate balance and overall control of important commodities in the Province; to formulate plans for the overall volume of import and export of important agricultural products, industrial products and raw materials, supervise the implementation of these plans in accordance with the performance of the national economy; to manage the state reserve of important materials and commodities; to put forward strategies and plans for the development of modern logistics.

9. To coordinate social undertakings such as population and family planning, science and technology, education, culture, health, and etc. and national defense, and synchronize their development with the development of the national economy; to promote the development of high-tech industries, carry out technological upgrading; to bring forward policies concerning coordinated economic and social development and coordinate the solution of major issues of social development.

10. To forecast the change of the price level and put forward the controlling targets; to participate in the formulation of fiscal policies, and formulate and implement industrial and price policies; to supervise and inspect the implementation of industrial and price policies; to set and adjust the prices of several important commodities that are regulated by the government and important tariffs and fees.

11.To carry out the strategy of sustainable development, study and formulate plans for resource and comprehensive utilization, participate in the formulation of ecological improvement plans, put forward policies of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, and coordinate the solution of major issues of ecological improvement and resource conservation and comprehensive utilization; to coordinate environmental protection.

12.To study and put forward policies that increase employment, adjust income distribution, improve the policy of coodinated development of social security and economy, and coordinate the solution of major issues related to employment, income distribution and social security.

13.To undertake other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.