Personnel Bureau

Qinghai Personnel Bureau, one of the functional components of Qinghai Provincial Government, is authorized to manage the personnel in Qinghai province, and is striving to generalize the reformed personnel policies.

Main responsibilities:

1. Constitute the strategies of reformation of personnel policies and draft the policies of personnel re-allocation after institutional reformation in Qinghai Province, according to the national guidelines of the general strategy of personnel policy reformation and the national policies and regulations concerning the personnel re-allocation after institutional reformation. Draft the policies and regulations of personnel management. Strive to perfect the personnel management policies, and make these policies scientific and lawful. Supervise and monitor the execution of personnel management policies.

2. Deliver the provincial application suggestions about personnel policies according to the corresponding national policies of general planning of staffing for government department (GD) and government-patronized enterprise (GPE), personnel structure adjustment of GD and GPE, and salary allocation of GD and GPE. Draft the staffing plan and salary plan for provincial GD and GPE.

3. Manage the professionals and construct the professional teams in Qinghai Province. Draft the reformation strategy of personnel policy for provincial GPE. Draft the regulations of the management of clerks, professionals, and blue-collar workers in provincial GPE. Guide the applications of appointment of technical post, examination of practitioner's qualification, etc.

4. Generalize the civil servant policies. Guide and coordinate the application of civil servant policies in different areas and different departments in Qinghai Province.

5. Strive on human resource planning and human resource developing. Draft the personnel transfer policies. Manage the white-collar worker markets. Guide the application of arbitrage policies of personnel dispute among employers. Collaborate with the other GD to reform the graduate employment policies. Draft the graduate employment policies. Collaborate with the other GD to organize the application of peasant conversion policy, by which the eligible peasant will change into townsfolk.

6. Deliver the application opinion of the regulation、policy、criteria and control method of personnel salary in GD and GPE. Perfect and generalize the personnel retirement policies in GD and GPE.

7. Draft personnel encouragement policies and praise policies. Guide and coordinate the government work on personnel encouragement and praise. Audit the qualification of the personnel encouraged and appraised by government. Audit the encouragement and appraise process of government.

8. Draft the regulations and policies of re-employment of veteran retired from army. Draft the training and re-employment plan of veteran and carry into execution.

9. Undertake the items concerning personnel entente in joint project among government departments

10. Guide、supervise、monitor and coordinate the work of personnel management in GD. Be responsible for propaganda、research and information collection in Personnel Bureau at different level in Qinghai Province.

11. Undertake the matters concerning the formality of administration appointment and deposal of some leaders managed by Provincial Communist Party Council.

12. Undertake the other tasks assigned by provincial government.

Structure of Qinghai Human Resource Bureau

Checked and ratified by Qinghai Institution Planning Council, Qinghai Personnel Bureau is structured by the following eight functional offices: Administrative Office、Technical Personnel Management Office、Civil Servant Management Office、 Personnel Management Office of GPE、Technical Personnel Transfer and Development Office (Foreign Expert Management Office)、Salary, Welfare, and Retirement Office、Veteran Re-employment Office. Besides, five GPE subordinate to Qinghai Personnel Bureau are: Provincial Technical Personnel Exchange Center、Provincial Personnel Examination Center、Provincial Personnel Information Center、Retired Personnel Management Office and Retired Leader Service Center. Qinghai Personnel Bureau has been authorized to temporarily manage the Administrative Office of Qinghai Institution Planning Council.

Address: No. 5 West Wusi Road, Xining, Qinghai, 810008

Contact: (0971)6309724、6316527

Leaders of Qinghci Human Resource Bureau:
Wei Ma, Jishuang Ma, Zhenliang Zhong, Aiguo Li, Dingbang Wang