Health Department

The Health Department of Qinghai was established according to Announcement of the Central CPC and the State Council on Structure Reformation Plan of the People's Government of Qinghai (No. 62 of the Documentation of the Central CPC Committee [2000]), and the Announcement of the CPC Committee and the People's Government of Qinghai on Structure Setting of the People's Government of Qinghai (No. 50 of the Documentation of Qinghai Provincial Committee [2000]).

The main functions of the Health Department are to:

1. Research and propose health development plan over the whole province, and be responsible for supervision and implementation of technical regulation and health standard.

2. Research and propose the regional health plan over the whole province, plan and coordinate the allocation of health resources of the whole province, work out development plan of community health service and service standard, and guide the implementation of the health plan.

3. Research and constitute the working plan, policies and measures of sanitation and maternity and infant hygiene for villages and pasturing areas, and guide the implementation of primary health care plan and the special technique of mothers and infants healthcare.

4. Implement the policy that is focused on the preventive health measures to conduct the civil healthcare education.

5. Work out the preventive plan against severe harmful disease to people's health.

6. Organize comprehensive prevention and treatment of severe diseases.

7. Research and guide the reformation of medical institutions, and supervise and implement occupational standard of medical staff, standard of medical quality and service regulations.

8. Supervise and manage obtaining and supplying of blood at blood stations and stations that merely procure plasma, as well as the blood quality used in clinic according to the relevant laws.

9. Research and draft the development plan of the key medical technology and education of Qinghai, organize the key medical and health scientific research to tackle problems, and guide the universal adaptation of the achievements of medical technology.

10. Supervise and manage prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and the sanitation of foodstuff, occupations, environment and irradiations, as well as the sanitation of schools, and be responsible for managing and certifying qualities of foodstuff and cosmetics.

11. Work out the development plan of health staff and the regulations of their professional ethics, as well as organize and implement the qualifications certificating of health technicians.

12. Organize and guide bi-lateral and multi-lateral cooperation and exchanges and external aids of sanitation between government and civilian society in medical and health aspects, and organize and coordinate exchanges and cooperation with international medical and health fields.

13. Implement the policy of the combination of the Western Medicine and the Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote the heritage and innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and develop national medical industry.

14. Research and conduct national medical works of Tibetan Medicine and Mongolian Medicine, organize the discovery, rearrangement, summation and improvement of theory, medical skill and medicine of national medicine in the whole province.

15. Draft and perfect relevant institutional regulations and technical standards.

16. Supervise, coordinate and manage national medical institutions.

17. Draft, organize and implement research and technical development plan of Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine, manage the kernel scientific research projects of the Traditional Tibetan and Chinese Medicine, and organize, draft and implement development plan of the Tibetan Medicine.

18. Strengthen training of the medical staff both in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine.

19. Organize and dispatch the health technical force of the whole province to deal with the emergency of severe pestilence and disease, and to prevent and control occurrence and extension of these diseases.

20. Be responsible for medical healthcare works of the people who needs healthcare.

21. Vicariously take in charge of the Leading Team Office of the Endemic of the Committee of Qinghai, as well as the Committee Office of Patriotic Health and Sanitation Campaign of Qinghai.

22. Undertake other issues required by the People's Government of Qinghai.

Introductions of the Leaders:

Ziquan Chen: Male, Han Nationality, the Director of the Qinghai Health Department, and the secretary of the Leading CPC Group.

Huimin Niu: Male, Han Nationality, the Deputy Director of the Qinghai Health Department, and the member of the Leading CPC Group.

Haiming Zhang: Male, Han Nationality, the Deputy Director of the Qinghai Health Department, and the member of the Leading CPC Group.

Lian Wang: Male, Han Nationality, the Deputy Director of the Qinghai Health Department, and the member of the Leading CPC Group.