I. Brief Introduction to Shandong Provincial People's Government

Shandong Provincial People's Government is made up of 42 agencies - the General Office and 25 other component departments, an ad hoc agency directly under the Government, and 16 agencies directly under the Government. The Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission has its office work combined together with the Provincial Department of Supervision and is listed among the agencies of the provincial government, but not counted among provincial government agencies. >>> More

1. The General office  

2. Reform and Development Commission

3. Economic and Trade Commission

4. Department of Education

5. Department of Science & Technology

6. Ethnic Affairs Commission (Religious Affairs Bureau)

7. Department of Public Security

8. Department of State Security

9. Department of Supervision

10.Department of Civil Affairs

11.Department of Justice

12.Department of Finance

13.Department of Personnel (Committee for Establishing Government Organizations)

14.Department of Labor and Social Security

15.Department of Land and Resources (Bureau of Surveying and Mapping)

16.Department of Construction

17.Department of Communications

18.Department of Information Industry

19.Department of Water Resources

20.Department of Agriculture

21.Oceanic and Fishery Department

22.Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

23.Department of Culture

24.Department of Health

25.Population and Family Planning Commission

26.Audit Office

Note: The above are the General Office and 25 component departments of the Shandong Provincial People's Government.

II. Current Leaders

Party Chief: Jiang Yikang   Governor: Jiang Daming

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                                                                          Updated: Nov. 20, 2012