China resolutely opposes interference in its internal affairs using Tibet issue Tuesday, June 6, 2006

China resolutely opposes any country interfering in China's internal affairs using the Tibetan issue as an excuse, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman in Beijing on Tuesday.

Liu Jianchao said at a regular press conference that the Tibet issue completely belongs to China's internal affairs.

"China hopes and believes that the friendly countries of China can see clearly the splitting China nature of the Dalai clique," said Li.

He said China does not hope that its relations with Spain would be affected by this problem.

"Spain is a friendly country of China and bilateral relations in recent years have developed smoothly which has brought about concrete benefits for the two peoples," said Liu.

He said he hoped the two countries can understand and support each other on some major issues concerning security, territorial integrity and national unification of both countries at the basis of international law and the consensus between the two countries.  

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Editor: Yangtze Yan
Source: Xinhua