MOFCOM comments on EU's adoption of antidumping policy on Chinese shoes Monday, October 9, 2006

On Oct. 5, Chong Quan, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, commented on EU's adoption of antidumping measures on Chinese shoes. Chong said China notices that EU has changed the period of antidumping measures from 5 years generally to 2 years and that the EU has reduced the final determination on tax rate compared with initial tax rate. But Chinese enterprises and the industrial community have expressed displeasure with the approval of antidumping duties on Chinese shoes by EU.

Chong said China maintains that there are many jural defects that are against WTO regulation and EU Antidumping Law during its registering, investigating and determination. EU's antidumping measures against Chinese shoes lack legal and factual basis and have damaged the legitimate rights of Chinese shoe enterprises. China would further monitor and assess the situations, and reserve the right to take responsive measures.  

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Editor: Mo Honge