Shanghai keeps an eye out for the elite Friday, February 29, 2008

Shanghai will launch a plan to track 100 elite Chinese who are studying or working abroad and set up an overseas professional reserve this year, Shanghai Personnel Bureau officials said Thursday.

Candidates for the reserve will be outstanding Chinese students at the world's top 100 universities and overseas Chinese who have medium to senior positions in Fortune 500 companies.

Relying on its 10 overseas liaison offices, the bureau will collect information about the candidates, get in touch with them and add them to the city government's overseas professional gathering database.

"Setting up such a database means we have moved the city's overseas professional selection job one step ahead," said Wang Yu, the newly appointed bureau director.

The project to attract overseas professionals to work in the city was launched in 2003. Details on 21,944 people have been gathered so far, bureau officials said.

Meanwhile, the bureau said about 370,000 foreign professionals had been invited to join the city's development program in the past five years. Some 73,000 foreigners currently hold long-term jobs in Shanghai.

The bureau announced last year that it had a target of raising the number of long-term foreign experts to 120,000 by 2010. Another 100 high-level researchers, 100 senior technicians and 100 business entrepreneurs will also be introduced within three years.  

Editor: Feng Tao
Source: Shanghai Daily