Doctorate holders allowed to directly appply for hukou in Shenzhen Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Doctorate holders can directly apply for Shenzhen permanent residence permits or hukou, according to a new rule to be implemented Friday.

The new rule unveiled by the Shenzhen Municipal Personnel Bureau says the government will also try to attract more high-calibre professionals including academicians with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and experts enjoying State Council allowances. Researchers and leading scientists with State and provincial-level laboratories are also included in the program.

The new rule also increases the number of universities whose recent graduates can directly apply for hukou.

According to the new rule, those who have bachelor's degrees, are aged below 45 and have been in the city's social insurance program for at least three years, can apply for hukou.

Small business owners whose companies have paid at least 3 million yuan (US$428,571) in taxes, and shareholders who have paid at least 600,000 yuan in taxes each year for three consecutive years can also apply.

Fresh graduates from 50 universities can directly apply for Shenzhen hukou starting this year. Last year, 38 universities were given the privilege.  

Editor: Feng Tao
Source: Shenzhen Daily