Chinese language center draws crowds Thursday, September 11, 2008

People from other parts of the world always are fascinated by China's 5,000 year old cultural tradition. At the Paralympics Village in Beijing, the Chinese Language Center has proven one of the hotspots.

The Chinese Language Center has three sections.

The middle section is known as the Learn-it-Quickly Zone. It is the most popular part among foreigners. With the aid of specially designed computer software, it becomes easy and fun to master the pronunciation of Chinese sounds. Most visitors leave the language lab with increased confidence and the motivation to learn more Chinese.

The other two sections offer hands-on experience of China's cultural tradition. Visitors can take up a brush and write the Chinese characters they have just learned. Most will carry away their self created calligraphy as mementos.

There are traditional arts and crafts to experience, including opera masks, folk music, and traditional paintings. 

Editor: Mo Hong'e