Shanghai warns foreigners of perils of drink driving Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Foreigners living in Shanghai were reminded that their residence permit may be revoked if they are caught driving under the influence of alcohol, the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau was quoted by Tuesday's Shanghai Daily as saying.

A man from a Southeast Asian nation who was caught driving after drinking had his residence permit revoked, was ordered to serve 10 days' detention and was fined 500 yuan (73.21 U.S. dollars).

He was asked to leave the country after serving the detention. Police didn't give other details such as the suspect's name and nationality.

The man was stopped by police for a routine alcohol test on Aug. 15 when he was heading home from a party at 3 a.m.. A breath test indicated that the man was driving under the influence of alcohol. Police also said he was carrying a fake license.

The man confessed that he got a driving license in the United States when he studied there, but that he didn't want to go through the hassle of getting a Chinese one after moving here so he purchased a counterfeit license, according to police.

"Since his behavior has caused danger to public security, the Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau decided to revoke his residence permit according to the country's immigration law," the bureau said in a written statement to the media Monday.

"Any foreigner caught drunk driving will get the same punishment as a local," the statement added.

In a related development, Xinhua reported on Sept. 10 that a German man, who caused a serious accident while drink driving, had been ordered to serve for 15 days detention in Xi'an, the capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

The Ministry of Public Security launched a two-month nationwide campaign against drink-driving on Aug. 15, in the wake of a series of fatal accidents which have sparked public anger against drunk drivers.

Chinese police have caught 25,765 people driving under the influence of alcohol during the campaign.

The ministry says drink drivers will be suspended from driving for three or six months and, in serious cases, detained for 15 days.

If a drink driver is caught twice within a year, his or her license will be revoked for two to five years.

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Editor: Lin Zhi
Source: Xinhua