Temperatures plunge in north China
GOV.cn Thursday, December 23, 2010

Temperatures dropped markedly in most parts of north China Thursday morning as the region enters it coldest period of the year.

Tianjin Municipality on Thursday received its first snow this winter, forcing transport authorities to close 11 highways.

The temperature in Beijing was around six degrees below freezing Thursday morning, a drop of 12 degrees Celsius from the same time the previous day.

Unlike neighboring Tianjin though, Beijing did not get snow.

Wednesday was the shortest day of the year, and marked the start of a month of extremely cold weather for China's north.

The meteorological station in northeastern Liaoning Province forecast the temperatures to drop there to below minus 29 on Friday.

The maritime affairs bureau in eastern Shandong Province on Thursday issued an alert urging vessels to seek harbor, as high tides caused by strong gale were forecast for Yellow Sea areas Thursday night.

Snow and blizzard conditions were also forecast for northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

Editor: Mo Hong'e
Source: Xinhua