A Chinese Course-Completion Ceremony was Held by Confucius Institute at University of Khartoum
GOV.cn Friday, July 22, 2011

On July 19th, 2011 a course-completion ceremony with Chinese Characteristics was held by Confucius Institute at University of Khartoum. The representatives from uofk, the staff of ciuofk, over 150 students and their families attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the Sudanese director Dr. Abeer gave a summary of Chinese language teaching. There were over 190 students, among whom 175 students got the course-completion certificate. These students are from all walks of life, such as, manager of companies, college teachers, laywers, doctors, government officers, etc. There got thick interest in Chinese language in short period and expected to continue the middle level course study. The representatives spoke highly of the performance of ciuofk and thanked the Chinese director and teachers for their contributions to Khartoum and Sudan.

Some students expressed their love and gratitude. They presented teachers thanks letter and gifts. Up till now, there have been nearly 300 students. The registered new students have reached to over 200. By the way, Chinese Language Club started to enroll members, and nearly 100 Chinese lovers joined the club.

The ceremony ended under happy and joyous atmosphere. After ceremony, guests and students visited the new offices, club, meeting room and reading room at ciuofk. They agreed that ciuofk is a good place for them to learn Chinese language and China.

Editor: Anne Tang
Source: Xinhua