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The National People's Congress (NPC) of the People's Republic of China is the highest organ of state power. The Standing Committee of the NPC is the permanent organ of the NPC. The term of office of the NPC and its Standing Committee is five years. The NPC and its Standing Committee are empowered with the rights of legislation, decision, supervision, election and removal.

  Major Functions and Rights of the NPC
  Local People's Congresses and Their Standing Committees
  The Relationship Between the People's Congresses, the State Administrative Organs, the People's Courts and People's Procuratorates
  Procedures for Making Proposals and Motions at the NPC
  The Organizational Structure of the NPC
  The Standing Committee of the NPC
  Delegations of the NPC
  Deputies to the NPC   

Updated:   March 14, 2013


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