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Zhou Qiang 
Vice- Presidents:
  Shen Deyong
Zhang Jun
  Wan Exiang
  Jiang Bixin
  Su Zelin
  Xi Xiaoming
Xiong Xuanguo
Nan Ying
  Jing Hanchao

The Supreme People's Court is the highest trial organ in the country and exercises its right of trial independently. It is also the highest supervising organ over the trial practices of local people's courts and special people's courts at various levels. It reports its work to the National People's Congress and its Standing Committee. The right of appointment and removal of the president and vice presidents as well as members of the trial committee of the Supreme People's Court lies with the National People's Congress.

  The Functions and Rights of the Supreme People's Court (SPC)
  Principles for the Work of the SPC
  The Organizational Setup of the SPC
  The Trial Committee
  Trial Organs
  The Multi-hearing Trial System
  The National Court Organizations

Updated: March 15, 2013

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