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Chinese FM to make UN, Mexico, US trip (09-22-2014)
Chinese vice premier to attend China-ASEAN expo (09-12-2014)
Chinese vice premier to attend UN climate summit as envoy (09-12-2014)
CPPCC vows cooperation with Pakistani counterpart (08-27-2014)
Chinese president appoints ambassadors to three countries (08-27-2014)
Chinese vice premier to visit Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Russia (08-25-2014)
Uzbek President to visit China in mid August (08-12-2014)
Chinese FM to attend SCO meeting (07-28-2014)
Canadian FM to visit China (07-25-2014)
Chinese envoy to attend French WWI memorial (07-08-2014)
Malaysian speaker to visit China (06-21-2014)
China, India, Myanmar to celebrate 60-year-old peace principles (06-20-2014)
Chinese FM to visit Mongolia (06-19-2014)
Chinese state councilor to chair cooperation forum (06-19-2014)
Chinese state councilor to visit Vietnam (06-17-2014)
Chinese VP to visit Zambia this week (06-16-2014)
Chinese premier to visit Britain and Greece (06-10-2014)
Senior CPC leader to visit four European countries (06-08-2014)
Chinese president's envoy to attend Egyptian president's inauguration (06-07-2014)
Republic of Congo president to visit China (06-06-2014)
Singapore's FM to visit China (06-05-2014)
Italian PM to visit China (06-04-2014)
Chinese special envoy to attend South African presidential inauguration (05-21-2014)
Chinese Vice President to attend SPIEF (05-20-2014)
Xi to address Asian security summit (05-15-2014)
Kyrgyz President to visit China, attend CICA summit (05-14-2014)
Kazakhstan president to visit China, attend CICA (05-12-2014)
Kazakhstan, Turkish presidents to visit China (05-12-2014)
U.S. treasury secretary to visit China (05-10-2014)
President of the Nigerian Senate to visit China (05-09-2014)
Turkmenistan president to visit China (05-06-2014)
Kyrgyz parliament speaker to visit China (05-04-2014)
Chinese premier to visit Africa in May (04-30-2014)
Czech foreign minister to visit China (04-24-2014)
U.S. House majority leader to visit China (04-21-2014)
Chinese vice premier to attend bilateral meeting in Russia (04-14-2014)
Chinese FM to visit Latin American countries (04-11-2014)
Israeli president to visit China (04-03-2014)
CELAC quartet delegation to visit China (04-01-2014)
Thai Princess Sirindhorn to visit China (03-31-2014)
China-U.S. nuclear security center opens next year (03-24-2014)
President Xi to attend nuclear security summit (03-18-2014)
Chinese, U.S. presidents to meet in Netherlands (03-17-2014)
U.S. first lady to visit China next week (03-14-2014)
Ugandan FM to visit China (03-14-2014)
Kazakhstan FM to visit China (03-14-2014)
New Zealand PM to visit China (03-14-2014)
Chinese president to attend nuclear summit, visit Europe (03-14-2014)
Chinese premier to visit Africa (03-08-2014)
Chinese president's special envoy to attend Chilean ceremony (03-04-2014)