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Vice governor of China's Hainan province removed from post (07-30-2014)
Ministry appoints special envoy for Afghan affairs (07-18-2014)
SW China official dismissed for suspected discipline violation (07-12-2014)
E China senior political advisor under investigation (07-12-2014)
Former senior public security officer dismissed from CPC (07-02-2014)
Former CPC official expelled from Party, official post (07-02-2014)
Former vice governor of Hainan expelled from CPC (07-02-2014)
Party chief of Guangzhou city dismissed for graft probe (06-30-2014)
China's senior political advisor removed from post (06-25-2014)
Chinese president appoints new ambassadors (04-30-2014)
State Council appoints new officials (04-16-2014)
China sacks vice police chief under investigation (02-24-2014)
China appoints new vice foreign ministers (01-09-2014)
China appoints new nuclear watchdog chief (01-02-2014)
Miao Ruilin appointed acting mayor of Nanjing (12-26-2013)
China's cabinet removes Jiang Jiemin from post (09-17-2013)
Jiang Jiemin removed from office: authority (09-03-2013)
Chinese president appoints new ambassadors (08-23-2013)
China's cabinet appoints, removes officials (07-23-2013)
Wang Xuejun elected governor of east China province (06-20-2013)
China's cabinet announces appointments (06-20-2013)
Guo Shuqing elected governor of Shandong Province (06-05-2013)
Du Jiahao elected governor of Hunan Province (05-31-2013)
China's cabinet appoints officials (05-10-2013)
Hao Peng elected governor of China's Qinghai Province (04-28-2013)
Liu Hui elected chairwoman of NW China's Ningxia (04-23-2013)
Chen Wu elected Guangxi chairman (04-19-2013)
Du Jiahao appointed acting governor of Hunan (04-11-2013)
Xi appoints Cui Tiankai as new ambassador to U.S. (04-09-2013)
Liu He appointed NDRC deputy head (04-03-2013)
Economist elected gov. of major Chinese agriculture province (04-02-2013)
Guo Shuqing appointed acting governor of Shandong (03-29-2013)
Hao Peng appointed acting governor of Qinghai (03-28-2013)
Chen Wu appointed Guangxi's acting chairman (03-28-2013)
Wang Xuejun appointed Anhui's acting governor (03-27-2013)
China's cabinet announces official appointments (03-26-2013)
Liu Hui appointed Ningxia's acting chairwoman (03-26-2013)
Lu Hao appointed Heilongjiang's acting governor (03-25-2013)
Veteran oilman moves to tend China's state assets (03-25-2013)
Li Jianhua appointed Ningxia Party chief (03-19-2013)
NPC Standing Committee appoints new deputy secretary-generals (03-19-2013)
Leadership of restructured oceanic authority unveiled (03-19-2013)
China's parliament endorses new cabinet lineup (03-16-2013)
China's Cabinet announces appointments, dismissals of officials (03-12-2013)
Yang Xiong elected mayor of Shanghai (02-01-2013)
Bater re-elected chairman of N China's Inner Mongolia (02-01-2013)
Xu Shousheng elected governor of Hunan Province (01-30-2013)
New Tibet chairman vows further reform (01-29-2013)
Wei Hong elected governor of Sichuan Province (01-29-2013)
Wang Anshun elected Beijing mayor (01-28-2013)