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China urges U.S. to promote Asia-Pacific stability
China urges ROK to identify passenger list for shipwreck
China asks ROK to find missing citizens in ship accident
China appeals to WTO against rare earth ruling
China-EU investment decline is temporary not trend: MOC
Cross-Strait economic cooperation helpful to Taiwan
Cross-Strait peaceful development should be cherished: spokeswoman
Mainland open to cross-Strait leaders summit: spokeswoman
Minister of Commerce gives press conferenceon on commercial development, opening up
China's PV sector welcomes fundamental changes: minister
China confident over int'l trade target: minister
China condemns Pakistan court bombing
China congratulates on DPRK-ROK agreement
China calls for dialogue on Syria crisis
China, Sri Lanka agree marine cooperation
Air force patrols of China's ADIZ legitimate: spokesman
China's ADIZ will not cause tension: spokesman
Official pledges reforms to China's petition system
Flights operating smoothly over China's air defense zone
Sanya harbor capable of docking aircraft carrier: Chinese DM
China dismisses Japanese claim of altering status quo
No need to make a fuss about China's ADIZ: FM spokesman
Mainland tells DPP to drop "Taiwan independence"
China slams McCain's remarks on Diaoyu Islands
Senior official details China's wildlife protection efforts
China supports international reduction of space junk
Minister of Commerce Chen Deming holds press conference
China rejects Japanese media's armed surveillance ship claim
China to survey Diaoyu Islands: FM spokesman
China blasts Dalai Lama's separatist activities in Japan
Chinese ships will continue Diaoyu patrols: FM spokesman
China says patrols near Diaoyu Islands "lawful"
Egyptian Foreign Minister to visit China
Japanese lawyer's indictment against Chinese captain "unlawful"
FM Spokesman: China's position towards assistance to the DPRK is consistent
Mainland willing to settle cross-Strait disputes: spokeswoman
China to establish manned space station around 2020
China welcomes early establishment of interim government in Libya
China completes 1:50,000 national map database for geographic information
China congratulates UN chief's second term appointment
Vietnam urged to halt acts violating Chinese sovereignty over Nansha Islands and surrounding waters
China opposes Vietnam oil, gas exploration in China's jurisdictional sea area: FM spokeswoman
Harmonious co-existence in Asia-Pacific conducive to China-U.S. ties: spokesperson
China says military deterrence may escalate tensions on Korean Peninsula
China calls resumed Iran nuclear talks "positive and beneficial"
China expresses firm opposition to U.S. resolution on Liu Xiaobo
Press conference held on Qinghai earthquake
FM press conference on Jan. 26
FM press conference on Jan. 14
FM press conference on Jan. 12