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National Bureau of Statistics
China's non-manufacturing business activity moderates in Sept.: NBS (10-03-2014)
State Administration of Foreign Exchange
China's int'l balance of payments to fluctuate in H2 (10-01-2014)
State Administration of Foreign Exchange
China service trade deficit expands in August (10-01-2014)
China launches anti-drug campaign (09-29-2014)
China reviews anti-dumping measures on imported PVC (09-29-2014)
Ministry of Finance
China to float 30 bln yuan e-saving bonds (09-28-2014)
Ministry of Public Security
88 nailed in China's int'l manhunt for fugitive economic crime suspects (09-21-2014)
Ministry of Commerce
China FDI inflows continue to drop in Aug. (09-16-2014)
Ministry of Agriculture
China's cotton growing area, yield expected to decline in 2014 (09-14-2014)
Ministry of Commerce
China offers new aid for combating Ebola (09-12-2014)
State Council,
Chinese government appoints, removes officials (09-12-2014)
National Bureau of Statistics
Chinese statisticians to broaden focus from GDP (09-12-2014)
Ministry of Land and Resources
Resource-hungry China successful in finding new mines (09-12-2014)
National Bureau of Statistics, State Administration of Foreign Exchange
China's ODI exceeds 100 bln USD (09-09-2014)
Foreign Ministry
China welcomes Mistura's efforts on Syria issue (09-09-2014)
Foreign Ministry
China hails formation of Iraq's new government (09-09-2014)
Supreme People's Court
China's SPC encourages petitions by video chat (09-06-2014)
National Health and Family Planning Commission
China to harshly punish crimes in doctor-patient flare-ups (09-06-2014)
National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Environmental Protection
China doubles charges on pollutant disposal (09-05-2014)
Ministry of Environmental Protection
China acts on heavy metal pollution (09-02-2014)
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI)
170 cases reported amid CPC anti-bureaucracy campaign (09-01-2014)
Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office
Central gov't congratulates reelected Macao chief executive-designate (08-31-2014)
Ministry of Culture: Ministry of Finance
China to increase funds in development of culture industry (08-27-2014)
the Ministry of Public Security; the Ministry of Transport
China to tighten public transportation security (08-26-2014)
the Ministry of Education
China urges guarantee of higher education for poor students (08-26-2014)
Ministry of Commerce
China waives anti-dumping measures on EU catechol (08-25-2014)
State Council Information Office
The 3rd China-Australia Media Forum kicks off in Sydney (08-25-2014)
The National Health and Family Planning Commission
China raises precaution against Ebola (08-23-2014)
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said Thursday it would stop imposing anti-dumping duties on phthalic anhydride imported from the Republic of Korea, Japan and India as of Aug. 30.
China stops anti-dumping duties on phthalic anhydride (08-21-2014)
China's property registration authority takes shape (08-20-2014)
Ministry of Finance
Profits at Chinese state firms accelerate (08-20-2014)
China rejects xenophobia remarks over anti-monopoly probes (08-18-2014)
Ministry of Commerce
China's FDI inflows falter again in July, ODI soars (08-18-2014)
National Bureau of Statistics
Home prices drop July in more Chinese cities (08-18-2014)
Ministry of Finance
220 bln yuan earmarked for affordable housing in H1 (08-16-2014)
People's Bank of China
Chinese institutions issue nearly 200 bln in interbank CDs (08-16-2014)
National Health and Family Planning Commission
Chinese Ebola doctors to leave for Africa (08-10-2014)
National Bureau of Statistics
China's inflation grows 2.3% in July (08-09-2014)
National Bureau of Statistics
China's July PPI down 0.9 pct (08-09-2014)
General Administration of Customs
China's export beats forecast, surplus at new high (08-08-2014)
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Regulator tells industrial sectors to cut capacity (08-08-2014)
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Only 9 Chinese cities reach air quality standards (08-06-2014)
Ministry of Civil Affairs
221 mln yuan donated for SW China quake: Ministry (08-06-2014)
Two separate anti-trust probes into Chrysler and Audi have found that the two multinational carmakers have pursued monopolistic practices and will be punished, an official with China's top economic planning agency said Wednesday.
China to punish Chrysler, Audi for anti-trust violations: official (08-06-2014)
Ministry of National Defense
China criticizes Japan's defense white paper (08-06-2014)
National Energy Administration
China sets solar power target for 2014 (08-05-2014)
State Council Work Safety Commission
China orders factory safety overhaul (08-05-2014)
the Ministry of Finance
China allocates 600 mln yuan to quake-hit Yunnan (08-04-2014)
Supreme People's Court
Chinese courts open tip-off websites (08-03-2014)
Defense Ministry
China accuses U.S. over military reconnaissance (08-01-2014)