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Flag-raising ceremony marks 65th National Day in China

Reception held in Macao to mark 65th National Day

Aerial view of Shanghai FTZ

Students commemorate revolutionary martyrs in China's Hefei

Typhoon Kalmaegi lands in south China

China's Hainan issues highest Grade I alert for typhoon Kalmaegi

China issues yellow alert for typhoon Kalmaegi

Deadly downpours to continue in China

Flood peak of Yangtze River, Jialing River pass Chongqing

Chui Sai On elected Macao chief executive-designate

PLA Navy commemorates 120th anniversary of 1st Sino-Japanese War

Prefabricated school set up in quake-hit Yunnan

Mobile classrooms set up in quake-hit Yunnan

Rescuers enter accident site in Anhui's Dongfang Coal Mine

5.0-magnitude earthquake hits SW China

People attend assembly to mourn for victims in Nanjing Massacre

Rescue continues in SW China's Yunnan

Rescue work underway in quake-hit Yunnan town
Massive rescue under way after Yunnan quake (08-05-2014)
People transferred in quake-hit Yunnan (08-04-2014)
China factory blast reveals work safety loopholes (08-03-2014)
People donate blood for injured workers in factory blast (08-02-2014)
Factory blast kills 65, injures 150 in Kunshan (08-02-2014)
Death toll climbs to 24 in Taiwan gas explosions (08-01-2014)
Macao holds reception to celebrate 87th anniv. of PLA (07-31-2014)
Drought continues in NW China's Shaanxi (07-31-2014)
Drought lingers in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia (07-30-2014)
Heavy rainfall hits Hefei (07-27-2014)
Typhoon Matmo brings rainstorm to Jiujiang, trapping some people (07-25-2014)
Rescuers conduct rescue work in Dehong, SW China (07-22-2014)
China on alert for typhoon Matmo (07-22-2014)
Shanghai meat supplier for McDonald, KFC suspended for safety concerns (07-21-2014)
China maintains top-level alert for typhoon Rammasun (07-19-2014)
T2 of Nanjing's Lukou Airport officially put into use (07-12-2014)
17 missing after SW China mudslide (07-09-2014)
Gas blast traps 17 in Xinjiang mine (07-06-2014)
Heavy rainfalls hit Tianjin (07-04-2014)
3rd operation anniv. marked for Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway (07-01-2014)
Zhang Zhijun visits school for visually impaired in Taichung (06-28-2014)
Rainstorms cause casualties, economic losses in China (06-21-2014)
2014 China Guangxi Products Exhibition opens in Budapest (06-12-2014)
Red pandas from Fuzhou to become new residents in Taipei Zoo (06-06-2014)
S. China downpours cause casualties, economic losses (06-04-2014)
Heavy rainstorms hit SW China (06-03-2014)
Three Gorges lowers water level for upcoming flood season (05-20-2014)
Rain-triggered flood hits SW China's Guangxi (05-12-2014)
Six years after Wenchuan earthquake (05-11-2014)
43rd Int'l Advertising Association World Congress held in Beijing (05-09-2014)
Weihai gov't funds kindergartens to make sure preschool education (05-06-2014)
Chinese farmers busy with farming as summer comes (05-05-2014)
World's highest railway tunnel joins up (05-02-2014)
Shanghai resumes live poultry trade (05-01-2014)
Azalea blossoms on mountain in SE China's Fujian (04-27-2014)
Red alert for rainstorm issued in China's Liuzhou (04-26-2014)
Sandstorm hits NW China's Gansu (04-23-2014)
Snowfall hits NW China's Xinjiang (04-23-2014)
Singapore, China's Guangdong province vow to boost cooperation (04-22-2014)
1st anniversary of Lushan earthquake marked in China's Sichuan (04-20-2014)
NW China county strives to develop modern agricultural economy (04-16-2014)
Bird's-eye view of reconstructed Ningqiang County, Shaanxi Province (04-15-2014)
Shenyang South Railway Station under construction (04-15-2014)
15 injured after train derails in NE China (04-13-2014)
Oil leak blamed for tap water contamination (04-12-2014)
Forest fire rages in SW China (04-12-2014)
Lanzhou gov't takes emergent measures to supply free water to residents (04-11-2014)
Rising temps boost output of Longjing Tea in Hangzhou (04-11-2014)
Farming season in China's major wheat growing province (04-10-2014)
Environment reform of rural areas in Zhejiang (04-08-2014)