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China, ASEAN sign MoU on disaster management (10-06-2014)
Chinese premier to visit Europe (10-03-2014)
China will open up further, premier tells foreign envoys (09-30-2014)
Chinese government holds reception for foreign experts (09-28-2014)
Chinese FM, UN chief exchange views on UN affairs (09-28-2014)
Chinese FM, EU foreign policy chief meet on closer strategic partnership (09-28-2014)
China firmly supports UN peacekeeping operations: FM (09-27-2014)
BRICS countries vow to boost solidarity (09-26-2014)
China pledges support for work of UN General Assembly (09-26-2014)
Chinese FM urges further global action on Ebola crisis (09-26-2014)
China vows to stand alongside Africa in fight against Ebola (09-26-2014)
China opposes EU interference in judicial independence (09-25-2014)
Chinese FM calls for "new thinking and new steps" in response to terrorism (09-25-2014)
Chinese FM calls for UN's leading role in global war on terrorism (09-25-2014)
China reaffirms resolve to fight climate change (09-24-2014)
China pledges to boost climate cooperation with UN (09-23-2014)
Xi's trip to central, south Asia opens new chapter for China's neighborhood diplomacy: FM (09-20-2014)
China deeply concerned about situation in Middle East: envoy (09-19-2014)
China backs India, Pakistan SCO membership (09-18-2014)
China appreciates int'l support in combating ETIM (09-17-2014)
Top justice promises judicial transparency, predictability for investment (09-17-2014)
China defends its foreign press policy (09-16-2014)
China calls for comprehensive settlement of Iranian nuclear issue (09-16-2014)
China calls for solution to tackle root causes of terrorism in Iraq, Syria (09-16-2014)
Chinese state councilor meets Australian, New Zealand public servants (09-16-2014)
China-ASEAN expo hoped to promote discussion on developing ties: FM (09-15-2014)
Macao Declaration issued as 8th APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting concludes (09-13-2014)
Chinese president proposes anti-extremism treaty, urges joint efforts to combat internet terrorism (09-12-2014)
China offers new aid for combating Ebola (09-12-2014)
Chinese vice premier to attend China-ASEAN expo (09-12-2014)
Chinese vice premier to attend UN climate summit as envoy (09-12-2014)
14th SCO summit held in Dushanbe (09-12-2014)
Xi proposes to build China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor (09-12-2014)
China, Russia, Mongolia hold trilateral summit (09-11-2014)
China calls for respect of sovereignty as U.S. widens airstrikes in Iraq, Syria (09-11-2014)
Chinese vice premier to attend meetings in Russia, France (09-11-2014)
Premier says China can hit major economic targets (09-11-2014)
Xi offers congratulations on China-Arab friendship years (09-10-2014)
Stringent punishment for violators, domestic or foreign alike: Chinese Premier (09-10-2014)
Chinese premier urges dialogue in regional conflicts (09-10-2014)
Interview: SCO summit to enhance mutual trust, expand cooperation: ambassador (09-10-2014)
China vows Ebola help in W Africa (09-10-2014)
Chinese premier reassures world CEOs of growth (09-10-2014)
SCO summit to issue documents on expansion, WWII anniversary: vice FM (09-09-2014)
China welcomes foreign investment, sticks to opening-up (09-08-2014)
China, Japan, ROK conclude latest FTA talks (09-05-2014)
China hosts SCO live fire drill (08-29-2014)
Vice premier speaks with Chinese, CEEC local leaders for enhancing partnership (08-29-2014)
China, CEEC to set up local gov't heads association (08-29-2014)
Vice Premier: China-CEEC cooperation picking up momentum (08-29-2014)