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Chinese government holds reception for foreign experts (09-28-2014)
Senior CPC official vows to enhance China-Cuba ties (09-11-2014)
Senior CPC official meets European socialists (09-02-2014)
China, Vietnam call truce on maritime tensions (08-27-2014)
CPC senior official meets ROK parliament (07-24-2014)
Senior leader urges implementation of "mass line" (07-19-2014)
Senior CPC leader meets Japanese opposition party leader (07-16-2014)
Senior Chinese official calls for Silk Road media cooperation (07-04-2014)
Senior CPC official meets media representatives of Silk Road Economic Belt Media Cooperation Forum (07-03-2014)
Senior CPC official's visit to lift partnership, deepen cultural exchanges with Portugal (06-20-2014)
Senior CPC official says willing to work with Portugal to lift partnership (06-19-2014)
China, Portugal to deepen cultural exchanges (06-19-2014)
Senior CPC official vows to build stronger ties with Ireland (06-18-2014)
Ireland eyes Chinese market for livestock products (06-18-2014)
Senior CPC official vows to boost strategic partnership with Ireland (06-17-2014)
Senior CPC official meets Irish president on stronger bilateral ties (06-17-2014)
Senior CPC official's Finland trip boosts cultural, inter-party ties (06-15-2014)
Chinese vice president meets Singaporean FM (06-13-2014)
Senior CPC official urges China, Finland to promote people-to-people exchange (06-13-2014)
Senior CPC official tables plan for stronger China-Denmark ties (06-12-2014)
Senior CPC official calls for expanded cooperation with Denmark (06-12-2014)
Senior CPC leader to visit four European countries (06-08-2014)
Senior CPC leader meets German delegation (04-15-2014)
China, Mongolia vow to cement party-to-party exchanges (03-20-2014)
CPC official meets Cambodian delegation (12-18-2013)
Senior Chinese leader meets foreign media delegates (12-09-2013)
Senior CPC official meets Ukraine's first vice PM (09-25-2013)
Senior CPC official meets Mexican delegation (09-24-2013)
Liu Yunshan attends handover ceremony of China-Cambodia friendship hospital (09-12-2013)
Liu Yunshan visits bookstore in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (09-12-2013)
Senior CPC official meets Cambodian king (09-12-2013)
China, Cambodia pledge to further promote partnership (09-12-2013)
Senior CPC official meets Sri Lanka president to promote cooperation (09-10-2013)
China, Sri Lanka pledge to cement friendship, boost cooperation (09-10-2013)
Liu Yunshan meets with first secretary of Ukrainian Communist Party in Kiev (09-08-2013)
Liu Yunshan meets Ukrainian PM in Kiev (09-07-2013)
Liu Yunshan attends signing ceremony for cooperation between CCTV and NTU (09-07-2013)
Liu Yunshan attends unveiling ceremony of Confucius Institute in Kiev (09-07-2013)
Liu Yunshan meets with Ukrainian president in Kiev (09-07-2013)
Senior CPC official meets Belarusian president, pledging to boost cooperation (09-06-2013)
Senior CPC leader calls for closer media, legislation cooperation with Belarus (09-05-2013)
Senior CPC official calls for closer China-Vietnam ties (07-26-2013)
Sr. CPC official meets with Myanmar delegation (07-02-2013)
Senior CPC official meets Myanmar's USDP leader (07-02-2013)
Senior Chinese leader meets Sudanese delegation (06-27-2013)
Senior Chinese leader meets Indian communist party delegation (06-21-2013)
Senior CPC official meets top Laotian lawmaker (06-04-2013)
Senior CPC official urges Japan to create conditions for improving ties (06-04-2013)
Chinese leader meets DPRK leader's envoy (05-23-2013)
Senior CPC leader meets Senegalese guests (05-08-2013)