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Chinese government holds reception for foreign experts

China honors technical professionals

Sept. 18 reminds China not to compromise on sovereignty

Senior CPC official meets European socialists

Honesty, restraint stressed for CPC officials

Publishers urged to spread Chinese culture

Liu Yunshan meets with special envoy from Vietnam in Beijing

Scholars called to further study on Deng Xiaoping Theory

Official stresses "mass line" implementation
CPC senior official meets ROK parliament (07-24-2014)
Senior CPC leader stresses "mass-line" campaign standards (07-23-2014)
Senior leader urges implementation of "mass line" (07-19-2014)
Liu Yunshan attends Party School graduation ceremony (07-15-2014)
CPC prefers young officials from harsh environments: official (07-14-2014)
Official urges further "mass line" implementation (07-05-2014)
Senior CPC official meets media representatives of Silk Road Economic Belt Media Cooperation Forum (07-03-2014)
Senior CPC official makes inspection tour to People's Daily (06-29-2014)
Liu Yunshan chairs meeting of leading group of "mass-line" campaign (06-24-2014)
Senior CPC official's visit to lift partnership, deepen cultural exchanges with Portugal (06-20-2014)
Liu Yunshan meets with Irish president in Dublin (06-18-2014)
Liu Yunshan on Ireland trip (06-18-2014)
Ireland eyes Chinese market for livestock products (06-18-2014)
Liu Yunshan attends foundation stone laying ceremony for new teaching building of Confucius Institute in Dublin (06-17-2014)
Liu Yunshan signs China-Finland cooperation documents in culture (06-15-2014)
Senior CPC official meets Finnish president (06-15-2014)
Senior CPC official calls for expanded cooperation with Denmark (06-12-2014)
Senior leader urges officials to solve problems (05-30-2014)
Senior leader urges officials to recognize problems (05-15-2014)
No-nonsense criticism, self-criticism urged for Party officials (05-06-2014)
Senior leader attends Party School graduation ceremony (04-29-2014)
CPC official stresses implementation of anti-decadence campaign (04-27-2014)
China marks 110th birth anniversary of revolutionary leader (04-26-2014)
Senior CPC leader stresses supervision in mass-line campaign (04-21-2014)
Senior leader presses for tangible work style improvements (04-18-2014)
Senior CPC leader meets German delegation (04-15-2014)
Senior leader stresses "mass-line" implementation (03-28-2014)
China, Mongolia vow to cement party-to-party exchanges (03-20-2014)
Senior leader stresses responsibility of officials (03-01-2014)
Senior officials told to promote reform (02-22-2014)
Senior CPC leader wants governance competency (02-19-2014)
Senior official extends New Year greetings to cultural workers (01-28-2014)
Liu Yunshan visits scientists, stresses scientific innovation (01-25-2014)
Punishment vowed for misconduct in official selection (01-22-2014)
CPC leader urges further "mass line" efforts (01-22-2014)
Liu Yunshan attends Party School graduation ceremony (01-15-2014)
Senior CPC official stresses work style rectification (01-05-2014)
Chinese official stresses promotion of core socialist values (01-04-2014)
Liu Yunshan addresses national meeting of CPC publicity department heads (01-03-2014)
Scholars urged to "advance with times" in Mao research (12-27-2013)
CPC official meets Cambodian delegation (12-18-2013)
Senior Chinese leader meets foreign media delegates (12-09-2013)
Senior official urges rigorous "mass-line" campaign inspection (11-24-2013)
New team to promote China's reform plan (11-19-2013)
Journalists value credibility amid new media challenges (11-08-2013)
Liu Yunshan attends Party School graduation ceremony (11-02-2013)
Senior CPC official addresses at meeting of "mass line" educational campaign (10-31-2013)
Senior official urges efficient implementation of "mass-line" campaign (10-26-2013)
Senior CPC official urges enhanced Marxist study (10-20-2013)
CPC officials told to efficiently carry out "mass-line" campaign (10-01-2013)