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Premier Li Keqiang visits UK, Greece (06-16-2014)
Premier Li Keqiang Visits Africa (05-03-2014)
Premier Li attends East Asia leaders meetings, visits Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam (11-08-2013)
President Xi Jinping attends nuclear summit, visits Europe (03-24-2014)
President Xi Jinping visits Indonesia, Malaysia, attends APEC summit (11-08-2013)
President Xi visits four Central Asian nations, attends G20, SCO summits (09-18-2013)
President Xi Jinping visits Trinidad and Tobago,Costa Rica,Mexico,the United States (05-30-2013)
Premier Li Keqiang visits India, Pakistan, Switzerland, Germany (05-20-2013)
Premier Wen attends East Asian leaders meetings, visits Cambodia, Thailand (11-19-2012)
Premier Wen attends ASEM, visits Laos (11-14-2012)
Hu visits Denmark, attends G20 summit (06-19-2012)
Premier Wen attends Rio+20, visits Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile (07-02-2012)
Premier Wen visits Iceland, Sweden, Poland, attends Hannover Messe 2012 (04-20-2012)
Hu attends Nuclear Security Summit, 4th BRICS Summit, visits Cambodia (03-26-2012)
VP Xi visits U.S., Ireland, Turkey (02-14-2012)
Wu Bangguo visits Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan (09-14-2011)
Premier Wen visits Hungary, Britain, Germany (06-24-2011)
Hu visits Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, attends SCO Summit (06-14-2011)
Premier Wen Visits India, Pakistan (12-16-2010)
Premier Wen Visits Russia, Tajikistan, Attends 9th Prime Ministers Meeting of SCO (11-22-2010)
President Hu attends summits of G20, APEC (11-10-2010)
Premier Wen Attends UN Conferences (09-22-2010)
Li Keqiang attends Davos Forum (01-26-2010)
Wen attends Copenhagen Climate Summit (12-18-2009)
President Hu visits Malaysia, Singapore, attends APEC Summit (11-10-2009)
President Hu attends UN summits´╝îG20 (09-23-2009)
Wu visits Cuba, the Bahamas, U.S. (09-01-2009)
Hu Attends SCO, BRIC Meetings (06-15-2009)
Premier Wen meets European leaders (06-15-2009)
President Hu attends G20 London Summit (04-01-2009)
Hu visits five Asian, African nations (02-11-2009)
Premier Wen's "Trip of Confidence" to Europe (02-09-2009)
VP visits five Latin American countries and Malta (02-09-2009)
Premier Wen attends UN meetings (09-23-2008)
President Hu attends Outreach Session of G8 Summit (07-08-2008)
President Hu visits Japan (05-06-2008)
Jia Qinglin visits 4 European countries (04-30-2008)
Premier Wen visits Laos, attends GMS Summit (03-28-2008)
Li Changchun visits five countries (03-22-2008)
Premier Wen attends int'l meetings, visits Singapore (11-18-2007)
Premier Wen attends SCO meeting, visits 4 nations (11-02-2007)
President Hu visits Australia, attends APEC meeting (09-04-2007)
President Hu vistis two nations, attends SCO summit (08-15-2007)
President Hu attends G8 session, visits Sweden (06-05-2007)
Top Legislator Wu's 3-nation trip (05-18-2007)
Premier Wen visits ROK, Japan (04-10-2007)
Jia Qinglin visits four African countries (04-17-2007)
President Hu visits Russia (03-23-2007)
Li Changchun visits five nations (03-26-2007)
President Hu visits 8 African Countries (01-31-2007)