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Xi says China, India partners not rivals (07-15-2014)
Chinese president calls for greater democracy in int'l relations (06-28-2014)
Xi warns against attempt to establish dominant civilization (06-28-2014)
Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence not outdated: Xi (06-28-2014)
Chinese president: all will benefit when everyone develops (06-28-2014)
Chinese president urges against zero-sum game (06-28-2014)
Chinese president stresses sovereign equality (06-28-2014)
Chinese president: flexing military muscles does not reflect strength (06-28-2014)
Xi urges inter-civilization exchanges, mutual learning (03-28-2014)
Chinese president calls for fair, win-win system of global nuclear security (03-26-2014)
Xi elaborates on China's approach to nuclear security (03-25-2014)
Xi vows no compromise on national interests (03-12-2014)
Xi promotes world economic growth, int'l cooperation at G20 summit (09-07-2013)
Xi suggests China, C.Asia build Silk Road economic belt (09-07-2013)
Xi demands greater initiative in publicity work (08-20-2013)
Xi calls for Political Bureau members to broaden minds (06-25-2013)
Full text of Xi Jinping's speech at opening ceremony of Boao Forum (04-07-2013)
China's economic growth benefits world: president (04-07-2013)
Chinese president addresses Boao Forum opening ceremony (04-07-2013)
Xi talks of peace, openness, common development (04-07-2013)
Chinese president addresses Boao Forum opening ceremony (04-07-2013)
Boao Forum reaches new starting point: Chinese president (04-07-2013)
Global economic recovery remains elusive: Chinese president (04-07-2013)
Chinese president urges Asia to transform development model (04-07-2013)
Chinese president calls for stability, cooperation in Asia (04-07-2013)
Chinese president urges to foster "sense of community of common destiny" (04-07-2013)
Chinese president urges global cooperation for sustaining growth (04-07-2013)
China cannot develop itself in isolation: Chinese president (04-07-2013)
Chinese president urges openness, respect for diversity (04-07-2013)
Neighbors wish each other well, just as loved ones do to each other: Chinese president (04-07-2013)
Chinese president delivers message of peace, openness (04-07-2013)
Chinese president delivers speech in Tanzania (03-25-2013)
Chinese president delivers speech in Moscow university (03-23-2013)
Xi Jinping says CPC has duty to promote cross-strait ties (02-25-2013)
Xi calls for cross-Strait cooperation in realizing "Chinese dream" (02-25-2013)
Xi vows to ensure fairness, justice in every case (02-24-2013)
Xi Jinping says all must act in conformity with Constitution, laws (02-24-2013)
CPC should act according to law: Xi (02-24-2013)
Xi stresses promoting rule of law (02-24-2013)
Xi Jinping vows no stop in reform, opening up (12-11-2012)
China's Xi: work for best economic performance amid difficulties (12-10-2012)
Xi urges CPC Constitution be studied, followed (11-19-2012)
Xi Jinping urges to develop socialism with Chinese characteristics (11-19-2012)
Theme of Party congress defines CPC's path, goal: Xi Jinping (11-08-2012)
Xi says China hopes China-Philippines ties back on track (09-22-2012)
Xi calls for unity and stability in Asia (09-22-2012)
Chinese VP's speech at ninth China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit and 2012 Forum on China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (09-21-2012)
Xi Jinping calls for more people-to-people exchanges between China, ASEAN (09-21-2012)
Xi Jinping calls for greater connectivity between China, ASEAN (09-21-2012)
China, ASEAN should deepen co-op in two-way investment: VP (09-21-2012)