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Symposium held for former Chinese vice premier (09-29-2014)
Yu Zhengsheng stresses reunification as "unwavering goal" (09-26-2014)
Political advisors discuss elderly care services (09-26-2014)
Senior political advisors pledge adherence to consultative democracy (09-24-2014)
Yu Zhengsheng adresses 20th meeting of chairman and vice-chairpersons of 12th CPPCC National Committee (09-23-2014)
Top political advisor urges adherence to China's democracy (09-22-2014)
Top political advisor visits CPPCC anniversary exhibitions (09-19-2014)
Religious organization urged to promote world peace (09-16-2014)
China empahasizes education support for ethnic minorities (09-15-2014)
Political advisors discuss ethnic minority employment (09-12-2014)
Top political advisor calls for more anti-corruption suggestions (08-28-2014)
Top political advisor vows to further support Tibet (08-26-2014)
Chinese political advisors discuss Silk Road Economic Belt (08-22-2014)
Political advisors discuss shipbuilding (08-20-2014)
Let Taiwanese first share the mainland's development: official (08-19-2014)
China Focus: China opens Tibet forum with focus on development (08-12-2014)
Chinese political advisors discuss social governance (07-25-2014)
Top political advisor underscores cultural services (07-23-2014)
Top political advisor highlights ethnic unity (07-21-2014)
Top political advisor meets Taiwan politician (07-18-2014)
China to observe 65th anniversary of political advisors (07-17-2014)
CPPCC discusses water diversion project (07-11-2014)
Top political advisor meets Taiwan commerce delegation (07-07-2014)
Political advisors call for professional judicial staff (07-04-2014)
Top political advisor meets Taipei mayor (06-27-2014)
Political advisors pool proposals on increasing employment (06-26-2014)
Non-CPC groups pool proposals on social development (06-21-2014)
Top official calls for economic, social development (06-18-2014)
Senior official lauds Huangpu alumni (06-17-2014)
Top political advisor calls for more understanding on Taiwan (06-15-2014)
Top political advisor to attend June cross-Strait forum (06-11-2014)
Top political advisor urges non-public sector support (06-09-2014)
Top political advisor urges enhancing vocational education (06-04-2014)
Political advisors pool proposals on industrial overcapacity (05-28-2014)
Senior leader meets Taiwan media group delegation (05-23-2014)
China top political advisory body holds leadership meeting (05-20-2014)
Top political advisor stresses religion-socialism harmony (05-19-2014)
Chinese political advisors brainstorm on UHV electricity transmission (05-16-2014)
Non-Communist parties welcomed to advise on reform (05-09-2014)
Yu Zhengsheng meets Taiwan's People First Party chairman (05-07-2014)
Political advisors brainstorm on fair judicial work (05-07-2014)
Top political advisor meets business people of mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan (04-24-2014)
Advisors discuss promotion of Chinese culture overseas (04-18-2014)
Mainland leader welcomes Taiwan trade unions in cross-Strait cooperation (04-16-2014)
Biweekly symposium of CPPCC held in Beijing (04-03-2014)
Senior official calls for Xinjiang stability (03-31-2014)
China's top political advisory body concludes annual session, pledges help with reforms (03-12-2014)
Top political advisor stresses "rule of law" in Tibet (03-10-2014)
Yu Zhengsheng joins discussion with deputies from SE China's Taiwan during 2nd session of 12th NPC (03-06-2014)
China's top political advisory body convenes, pledging to help deepen reforms (03-03-2014)