Report on the Work of the Government (2011)

7. Vigorously enhancing cultural development

Culture has an increasingly profound and lasting impact on a nation and country. We will better satisfy the diverse cultural demands of the people; have culture play its role in guiding society, educating the people, and promoting development; and enhance national cohesiveness and creativity. We will strengthen the development of civic morality; build up the common ideal of and belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics in the whole of society; and speed up the establishment of moral and behavioral norms that carry forward traditional Chinese virtues, conform to socialist cultural and ethical requirements, and are suited to a socialist market economy. We will strengthen the development of a credibility system, and put in place relevant systems, laws and regulations. We will improve our ability to provide public cultural products and services, concentrate on strengthening cultural infrastructure in the central and western regions and urban and rural communities, and continue to implement cultural projects that benefit the people. We will support nonprofit cultural undertakings and strengthen the efforts to protect, use and pass on our cultural heritage. We will further enrich philosophy and the social sciences. We will develop the press and publishing, radio and television, film, literature and art and archives. We will step up the use and administration of the Internet. We will deepen reform of the cultural management system and actively push forward the transformation of cultural institutions that are operating as commercial entities into real businesses. We will energetically develop cultural industries, foster new cultural formats and push cultural industries to become a pillar of our national economy. We will vigorously carry out the national fitness program and promote the balanced development of recreational sports and competitive sports. We will intensify cultural and sports exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries and constantly expand the international influence of Chinese culture, so that the world may share China's extensive and profound cultural achievements.

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