Report on the Work of the Government (2011)

This year, our focus is on doing the following work well.

1. Keeping overall price levels basically stable

Recently, prices have risen fairly quickly and inflation expectations have increased. This problem concerns the people's wellbeing, bears on overall interests and affects social stability. We must therefore make it our top priority in macroeconomic control to keep overall price levels stable. We need to make the most of favorable conditions, such as an ample supply of manufactured goods and our abundant grain reserves and considerable foreign exchange reserves, endeavor to overcome the adverse effects of imported and structural inflation, cushion the upward pressure for costs of factors of production, and correctly guide market expectations to resolutely curb price rises. We need to comprehensively strengthen our work controlling and monitoring prices mainly through economic and legal methods supplemented by administrative means when necessary. First, we will effectively manage market liquidity and control the monetary conditions for commodity prices rising too rapidly. We will decide proper timing, frequency and intensity of price adjustments for goods and services whose prices are regulated by the government. Second, we will vigorously develop production and ensure the production and supply of major farm products, daily necessities and important means of production. We will effectively implement the system of provincial governors taking responsibility for the "rice bag" (grain supply) program and city mayors taking responsibility for the "vegetable basket" (non-grain food supply) program. Third, we will develop the distribution system for farm products, actively encourage farmers and stores to link up, and guarantee the unimpeded transport of fresh farm products through "green channels," where vehicles carrying such goods are exempt from paying road tolls. We will improve the reserve system for important goods and the system for temporarily purchasing and stockpiling major farm products, seize the opportune moment for the state to manipulate reserves, adjust imports and exports, and strengthen our ability to control the market. Fourth, we will strengthen oversight and supervision of prices and maintain market order. We particularly need to strengthen law enforcement concerning pricing, and strictly investigate and deal with illegal behavior such as driving up prices through price collusion or market speculation. Fifth, we will improve the system of subsidies and institute a sound mechanism to raise social assistance and social security benefits when commodity prices rise. We cannot allow price rises to affect the normal lives of low-income people.

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