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China marks 60th birthday of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Railway travel peaks expected as National Day holiday ends

China sees more holiday tourists

Reception to celebrate Corban Festival held by IAC in Beijing

Scenic spots in Beijing packed with tourists on Oct. 2

China celebrates 65th anniversary

China marks first Martyrs' Day

Symposium held for former Chinese vice premier

CPC official inspects National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts

Chinese vice premier vows harshest penalties for food safety

Political advisors discuss elderly care services

China commemorates Confucius with high-profile ceremony

Yang Jiechi visits Global Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

Yu Zhengsheng adresses 20th meeting of chairman and vice-chairpersons of 12th CPPCC National Committee

Concert marks 65th anniversary of new China

China honors technical professionals

President Xi meets Macao's chief executive

Top political advisor urges adherence to China's democracy
Xi stresses military headquarters' loyalty to Party (09-22-2014)
China marks 65th anniversary of political advisory body (09-21-2014)
China marks anniversary of Japanese intrusion (09-18-2014)
State Council appoints Chui Sai On as Macao chief executive (09-17-2014)
Top legislator meets Hong Kong delegation (09-16-2014)
Soldiers help locals fight against Typhoon Kalmaegi in Hainan (09-16-2014)
Flower decorations prepared to greet upcoming National Day (09-16-2014)
Premier Li Keqiang attends China Quality Conference in Beijing (09-15-2014)
China empahasizes education support for ethnic minorities (09-15-2014)
Wang Yang meets with vice-chairman of National Committee of CPPCC in Macao (09-13-2014)
Wang Yang meets with chief executive of Macao SAR in Macao (09-13-2014)
Top Chinese legislator stresses adherence to China's political path (09-12-2014)
Political advisors discuss ethnic minority employment (09-12-2014)
Xi calls for greater respect for teachers (09-10-2014)
China marks NPC's 60th anniversary (09-05-2014)
China holds meeting on 13th five-year plan (09-05-2014)
Xi urges Japanese reflection on war anniversary (09-03-2014)
Commemoration held to mark anti-Japanese war victory (09-03-2014)
Honesty, restraint stressed for CPC officials (09-01-2014)
Premier Li visits volunteers of 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing (08-28-2014)
PLA Navy commemorates 120th anniversary of 1st Sino-Japanese War (08-27-2014)
10th meeting of China's 12th NPC Standing Committee held in Beijing (08-25-2014)
Chinese Premier stresses social funds in railway construction (08-24-2014)
Premier Li meets with outstanding young scientists (08-23-2014)
Political advisors discuss shipbuilding (08-20-2014)
Prefabricated school set up in quake-hit Yunnan (08-26-2014)
Let Taiwanese first share the mainland's development: official (08-19-2014)
President Xi attends opening ceremony of Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (08-17-2014)
People attend assembly to mourn for victims in Nanjing Massacre (08-15-2014)
Youth Olympic Village opens in Nanjing (08-12-2014)
Disaster relief work in progress in quake zone (08-11-2014)
Relief materials arrived in quake stricken area (08-08-2014)
Rescue ongoing in quake-hit Ludian County (08-07-2014)
Disaster relief work continues after earthquake hits Yunnan (08-07-2014)
Top specialists called to make China innovative (08-06-2014)
Premier Li mourns quake victims, pledges relief (08-05-2014)
Premier Li talks to injured resident at earthquake zone (08-05-2014)
Premier Li examines situation in quake-hit Yunnan (08-05-2014)
Rescue is priority in quake relief: premier (08-05-2014)
Premier heads for Yunnan quake-hit area (08-04-2014)
Premier Li examines situation in quake-hit Yunnan (08-04-2014)
87th anniversary of PLA marked in Beijing (08-02-2014)
People donate blood for injured workers in factory blast (08-02-2014)
Official calls for improving commercial credibility (07-31-2014)
Productions resume in China's coastal provinces after dual typhoons (07-30-2014)
Super Typhoon Rammasun kills 62 so far (07-27-2014)
Top political advisor underscores cultural services (07-23-2014)
Senior CPC leader stresses "mass-line" campaign standards (07-23-2014)
Top political advisor highlights ethnic unity (07-21-2014)
Senior leader urges implementation of "mass line" (07-19-2014)