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International Cooperation and Exchanges 
China mulls rules on international student enrollment
A Chinese Course-Completion Ceremony was Held by Confucius Institute at University of Khartoum
Confucius Institute inaugurated in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod
China to build stronger education ties with Australia
China vows to increase government scholarships for African students
"Chinese Bridge" language contest held in Stockholm
Second Confucius Institute established in Sweden
Notice to International sudents studying in China
China becomes No. 1 source for international students in U.S.
China aims to become most popular Asian destination for overseas study
Foreign students to live with local families during annual Chinese language competition
Chinese tuition offers solutions for Africans
China, U.S. to scale up student exchange program
"Chinese Bridge" competition held in Costa Rica
2010 Swiss junior Mandarin contest held in Berne
"Chinese Bridge" competition held in Stockholm
China to set up huge vocal database for dialects, minority languages
Chinese Higher Education Exhibition held in Saudi Arabia
Tsinghua Alumni Association debuts in France
More foreigners study traditional Tibetan medicine
China pledges additional scholarships for candidates from E Asian developing nations
Vietnam's oldest Chinese studies department celebrates 50 years of Chinese language education
Chinese Culture Journey held by Confucius Institute at the University of Lisbon, Portugal
25 Nepalese students to study in China on Chinese scholarships
More British students going to China under gov't scholarships
MOU signed between CSC & UNE
First national exam held for Chinese language teachers abroad
Russia hails Russian Language Year in China
Foreigners studying in China exceeds 200,000 in 2008
Chinese scholar confered honorary academician in Moscow
40 mln foreigners learning Chinese
Interim Provisions on Undergraduate Medical Education in English
Renowned U.S. art school to open first Asian branch in HK
African students invited to China
Chinese VP highlights cultural, educational exchange with Jamaica
Confucius Institute unveiled at Moscow University
Third Confucius institute founded in Italy
China vows to enhance educational co-op with Britain
More Chinese middle school teachers to teach Chinese in British schools
Chinese language center draws crowds
Overseas students feel more at home in China
British students learn from China
Textbooks to help deaf and mute people learn English
China, Togo sign agreement on Confucius Institute
Confucius Institute to open in Barcelona
China-EU language exchange program launched
Malaysia, China to exchange students for home-stay