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Beijing Traditional Culture Festival kicks off
Annual tangka unfolding ceremony in Lhasa
Dragon Boat Festival: carrying on the traditions
Dragon Boat Festival celebrated in Hangzhou
Festival celebrates memory of poet Qu
Dragon Boat Festival marked in Wuhan
Cultural heritage around China
Preserving traditional Han embroidery
Traditional temple fair held in Mt. Tai
A wedding ceremony in traditional way
Luoyang holds folk arts fair
Tea picking festival in Hubei
Folk performance in Xinjiang
Artwork, tourism souvenir expo held in Dalian
Tibetan people celebrate 'year of fire dog'
Tibetans hail 40th anniversary of the founding of TAR
Xigaze celebrates 40th anniversary
Wuqiao circus festival
The sole Catholic Church in Tibet
Hong Kong lighting fair
Guangxi holds Lusheng contest
Turn waste into treasure
Weaving biggest Chinese knot
Olympic photo exhibition held in Beijing
Historic Chinese treasures exhibited in Macao
Sand sculptors show off their art
Spring Festival decorations in Jiangsu
Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival opened
New Year holidays in Shanghai
First overseas tourists visit Beijing in 2006
Chinese year of Dog
Spring Festival lanterns in Suzhou
New year lights in Chongqing
Harbin holds International Ice and Snow Festival
Snow festival in Jilin
Zhejiang Costume Culture Festival
12th National Snow Statue Contest closes
Grand charity performance in Zhengzhou
Lanterns in Suzhou to celebrate lunar New Year
Spring Festival decorations sold like hot cakes in Beijing
Embroidery art of Olympic mascots imparted in Chongqing
Shaolin Temple attracts tourists
Stone carving in Tianjin
Traditional folk arts make "Year of Dog" colorful
Tourists visit ancient city in Shanxi
Manchu imperial rite in Summer Palace
Firecrackers set off to celebrate year of dog
Ditan Temple Fair kicks off in Beijing
Beijing temple fair greets new year
Dog-themed ornaments hot in HK