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  Leaders' Overseas Visits
President Xi Jinping attends nuclear summit, visits Europe
President Xi Jinping visits Indonesia, Malaysia, attends APEC summit
President Xi visits four Central Asian nations, attends G20, SCO summits
President Xi Jinping visits Trinidad and Tobago,Costa Rica,Mexico,the United States
Premier Li Keqiang visits India, Pakistan, Switzerland, Germany
  China in Focus
Chinese Dream
NPC, CPPCC Annual Sessions 2013
18th CPC National Congress
15th Anniversary of HKSAR's Return to Motherland Marked
53rd anniversary of Tibetan Serfs' Emancipation
  China and World
China-Russia Joint Naval Drill 2012
President Hu Jintao visits France, Portugal
China-Europe High-Level Political Party Forum
Eighth prime ministers' meeting of SCO
60th Anniversary of Navy
China's economic figures in May
Focus on China's economic figures in Q1 2011
Third round of China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue
Preferential policies for overseas-educated Chinese to start businesses
Press briefing of Ministry of Commerce
China-Russia Tourism Year
53rd anniversary of Tibetan Serfs' Emancipation
Special report: Qing Ming Festival
CRI foreign journalists' trip to Guiyang
Art Beijing 2008
China-France Culture Year
Hong Kong Disneyland
Red Tour Around China
Beijing International Drama Festival
Foreigners in China
China Hi-Tech Fair 2005
Green Zhejiang
Hunan Under Spotlight