AU appreciates China's engagement in infrastructure development in Africa | 2014-January-29 16:47 | Editor: Bi Mingxin

China is carrying out appreciated infrastructure development projects in Africa, said Elham Mahmoud Ibrahim, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy at the African Union (AU) Commission.

The Commissioner noted that China is doing a recognizable work on infrastructure projects including roads, railways, airports, and stadiums among others.

"The cooperation between China and Africa is very clear in the area of infrastructure. You can find projects, you can say even in every country, they are doing a lot, in roads, in railways, in airports, stadiums and so many activities; it is a reality and I think it is very recognizable. And it is something appreciated," said Ibrahim.

The commissioner stated that by implementing a number of projects at national levels in Africa, China is implementing regional and continental projects, which have contributions to the implementation of the infrastructure development program in Africa (PIDA).

"They are implementing many of the projects planned and yes, it is on the national level, but no problem each national project is part of regional or even continental projects. So, I think they are doing a lot," she said.

According to the commissioner, investment is one of the challenges in the development of infrastructure in Africa. "The challenges are like that, the infrastructure is not sufficient and is not efficient. And it needs a lot of investment," she said.