Govt Actions
Plants given sulfur deadline in Guangzhou (04-18-2008)
Premier: China cuts energy consumption, pollution in 2007 (03-05-2008)
China starts inaugural nationwide pollution census (02-27-2008)
Heavy fines await water polluters (02-27-2008)
China ushers in "green insurance system" to curb pollution (02-18-2008)
Hong Kong to enhance eco-friendly burial practices (01-30-2008)
First national pollution census to focus on industrial sources (01-10-2008)
Free plastic bags set to be banned from June (01-09-2008)
Huge investment earmarked to improve environment of Qinghai Lake (01-04-2008)
Cabinet unveils environmental protection plan (11-27-2007)
Air, water pollution decreases (11-15-2007)
Vice Premier calls for doubling ecological protection efforts in Three Gorges Reservoir area (11-09-2007)
Shanghai cleans up river pollution to embrace 2010 World Expo (11-08-2007)
Vice premier urges local officials to pay more attention to environmental protection (10-31-2007)
China's environment watchdog to strengthen supervision of exporters (10-31-2007)
Beijing's four-day traffic ban cuts pollutant discharge by 5,800 tons (09-30-2007)
Five areas taken off pollution blacklist (09-24-2007)
2007 could be a turning point for pollution in China (06-05-2007)
Local gov'ts urged to control pollution (05-14-2007)
China launches macro strategy research on environment (05-11-2007)
Top procurator pledges to crack down on environmental crime (03-29-2007)
Environmental watchdog struggles to control polluting enterprises in Shanxi (03-29-2007)
China prepares for spring sand storms (03-08-2007)
Enterprises violating environmental protection rules will struggle to get bank loans (02-22-2007)
Shanghai: "green-energy" push may slow GDP rise (01-29-2007)
Beijing to clamp down on chemicals in 2008 (01-29-2007)
SEPA: hear petitions or face penalties (12-26-2006)
China struggling to get more steam with less fuel (12-17-2006)
Five-year plan targets air pollution (12-01-2006)
Beijing to move polluting radio, TV masts from downtown (11-30-2006)
Environmental protection to be key concern for paper-making industry (11-18-2006)
Govt purchase list specified, environmental protection stressed (11-18-2006)
China warns investors of new environmental controls (11-14-2006)
Northeast China province intensifies pollution control on Songhua River (11-02-2006)
Protection of nature reserves enhanced (10-31-2006)
Gov't to track down pollution sources (10-25-2006)
HK gov't implements water management (10-16-2006)
Environmental watchdog stops 8 polluting projects (10-12-2006)
Vice Premier Zeng stresses rational use of groundwater (10-09-2006)
213 factories shut down for heavy pollution (10-05-2006)
Gov't to boost alternative energy projects (10-04-2006)
Officials sacked over arsenide pollution (10-03-2006)
Environmental inspection teams to probe local protection on illegal enterprises (09-28-2006)
Afforestation campaign launched in W China (09-28-2006)
China strives to build environmentally-friendly society: premier (09-11-2006)
Profit-driven illegal activities threaten China's nature reserves (09-01-2006)
HK: waste management requires community support (09-01-2006)
NDRC: growth rate of coal demand slows (08-31-2006)
China to spend 1.29b yuan on relocating people for ecological protection (08-30-2006)
State Council warns of risk from natural disasters (08-25-2006)