Green Life
China's renewable energy project wins global green energy prize (06-20-2008)
Shanghai aims to cut major pollutants by 5% (06-04-2008)
Free plastic bags set to be banned from June (01-09-2008)
Rural environment protection plan released (11-22-2007)
SEPA: water quality plan a success (11-21-2007)
China tops in greenhouse gas cuts (12-19-2006)
Beijing to move polluting radio, TV masts from downtown (11-30-2006)
Govt purchase list specified, environmental protection stressed (11-18-2006)
HK: waste management requires community support (09-01-2006)
Olympics host city Beijing to be greener (08-31-2006)
Drought affects 11.13m hectares of farmland (08-29-2006)
Key pollutant discharges keep rising in H1 (08-30-2006)
Shanghai unveils "green" buses (08-29-2006)
Sandstorm hits Inner Mongolia in autumn (08-28-2006)
Nation plans large-scale investment in new energy (08-23-2006)
Shenzhen to hold "Green Life" exhibition (08-23-2006)
$41.3b investment planned on urban sewage treatment (08-23-2006)
More Shanghai residents use "green" energy (08-21-2006)
Programme targets hotel energy efficiency in Beijing (08-18-2006)
Shanghai: green for 2010 (08-15-2006)
HK: expert optimistic on clean-air fight (08-14-2006)
Shanghai: eateries violate health standards (08-09-2006)
Shanghai: blue skies usher in cleaner air (08-09-2006)
Shenzhen: green GDP index up 3.33% (08-07-2006)
Hong Kong citizens urged to support clean-air initiative (07-23-2006)
HK to launch clean-air campaign (07-11-2006)
Low-emission cars popular in China in first half year (07-08-2006)
Green building points way for future homes (07-07-2006)
Energy consumption growth rate reduced (06-30-2006)
Diesel-electric bus introduced in Shanghai (06-28-2006)
Tougher penalties for animal cruelty mooted in HK (06-23-2006)
Gallery: temperatures high across China (06-23-2006)
First clean fuel buses running on Beijing roads (06-21-2006)
Yan'an: more should be done to keep clean & green (06-21-2006)
Xinjiang's artificial lake opens to public (06-20-2006)
Residents adopt baby fishes for release (06-19-2006)
Desertified land shrinks in Beijing (06-18-2006)
Energy-saving program pays off: ministry (06-17-2006)
Shanghai battles plant (06-16-2006)
An easy life that's soft on the environment (06-15-2006)
Shanghai to increase greenbelts (06-13-2006)
China facing great pressure to achieve energy-saving goal: vice premier (06-09-2006)
10 projects awarded national environmental prizes (06-10-2006)
Shenzhen: 300,000 to join No-Car Day (06-09-2006)
"No car day" in Beijing hopes to improve air quality (06-06-2006)
Chinese universities set quota on electricity consumption (06-05-2006)
Industry shift damaging environment (06-05-2006)
China's 1st desulferized generating units operational (06-03-2006)
Man-made lake brings coolness to Turpan (06-02-2006)
HK: beautification plans will help curb mosquitoes (05-31-2006)