China targets company executives in fight against pollution (02-26-2008)
Revised criteria for "green list" (01-18-2008)
China to announce revised resource tax system in 2008 (01-10-2008)
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China launches macro strategy research on environment (05-11-2007)
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Green GDP Accounting Study Report 2004 issued (09-11-2006)
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SEPA to tighten environment criteria (08-18-2006)
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Unit GDP energy consumption up 0.8% in H1 (08-01-2006)
Shenzhen: eco rules placed before MPC (07-25-2006)
White paper issued on environment protection (06-05-2006)
Govt to ban environment-damaging projects (05-27-2006)
Facing "critical" situation, premier alerts public to worsening environment (04-19-2006)
Ban lifted on cars with small discharge volume (04-02-2006)
More efforts urged to prevent forest fire (03-30-2006)
Plan on Songhua river pollution control unveiled (03-30-2006)
Nation sets emission reduction goal (03-29-2006)
Energy standards set for buildings (02-17-2006)
Green regulation punishes misconduct (02-21-2006)
Programme to preserve aquatic biodiversity (03-01-2006)
Public to help assess impact on environment (02-23-2006)
Regulations issued to punish officials for environmental damage (02-21-2006)
Nation sets energy efficiency standard in construction (02-25-2006)