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China's renewable energy project wins global green energy prize (06-20-2008)
Guangdong pollutant indicators drop in 2007, yet more measures needed (03-26-2008)
Premier: China cuts energy consumption, pollution in 2007 (03-05-2008)
China starts inaugural nationwide pollution census (02-27-2008)
Heavy fines await water polluters (02-27-2008)
China targets company executives in fight against pollution (02-26-2008)
China pledges full efforts to curb worsening offshore pollution (02-25-2008)
Bohai Bay to get 130 bln yuan clean-up (02-25-2008)
China ushers in "green insurance system" to curb pollution (02-18-2008)
First national pollution census to focus on industrial sources (01-10-2008)
China to announce revised resource tax system in 2008 (01-10-2008)
Free plastic bags set to be banned from June (01-09-2008)
Huge investment earmarked to improve environment of Qinghai Lake (01-04-2008)
China to take actions on environmental protection (11-29-2007)
Cabinet unveils environmental protection plan (11-27-2007)
Rural environment protection plan released (11-22-2007)
SEPA: water quality plan a success (11-21-2007)
Air, water pollution decreases (11-15-2007)
Vice Premier calls for doubling ecological protection efforts in Three Gorges Reservoir area (11-09-2007)
Shanghai cleans up river pollution to embrace 2010 World Expo (11-08-2007)
Vice premier urges local officials to pay more attention to environmental protection (10-31-2007)
China's environment watchdog to strengthen supervision of exporters (10-31-2007)
Beijing's four-day traffic ban cuts pollutant discharge by 5,800 tons (09-30-2007)
SEPA calls for establishment of ecological reserve in Dunhuang (08-12-2007)
Central China bans pearl farming to restore water quality (08-12-2007)
Green effort key to officials' future (07-31-2007)
New ecological attitudes revive rivers (07-26-2007)
Vice premier stresses environmental protection (04-29-2007)
Shanghai to build wind power plant (02-08-2007)
Liquid biofuel to cut usage of refined oil (01-25-2007)
Chinese banks join environmental protection drive (01-11-2007)
Shanghai cleans up its environment (12-28-2006)
China sets up 1st environmental damage evaluation center (12-15-2006)
Five-year plan targets air pollution (12-01-2006)
Beijing to move polluting radio, TV masts from downtown (11-30-2006)
Buses switch to clean GTL fuel in Shanghai (11-27-2006)
Beijing noise polluter to face hefty fines (11-19-2006)
Environmental protection to be key concern for paper-making industry (11-18-2006)
Govt purchase list specified, environmental protection stressed (11-18-2006)
Saving more water from agriculture (11-12-2006)
Premier Wen: China confident of fulfilling environmental protection tasks (11-10-2006)
Gov't warns of acid-rain in spread (11-02-2006)
Northeast China province intensifies pollution control on Songhua River (11-02-2006)
Pollution threatens China's oldest hydropower station (10-28-2006)
Gov't to track down pollution sources (10-25-2006)
Shanghai to use fish to monitor water quality (10-18-2006)
Seas, rivers face serious pollution threats (10-16-2006)
Vice Premier Zeng stresses rational use of groundwater (10-09-2006)
Environmental inspection teams to probe local protection on illegal enterprises (09-28-2006)
Afforestation campaign launched in W China (09-28-2006)